Discover Germany, Issue 57, December 2017

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Undershirts for men.

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Innovative business underwear for men by ALBERT KREUZ Suits and dress shirts have a tendency to be made of fairly thin fabric. This means that undergarments often shine through and are hence visible. Be it due to the cut, colour, material or type of neckline. That’s why Berlin-based label ALBERT KREUZ has made it its mission to design elegant yet comfortable underwear for businessmen, which finally ticks all the boxes. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: ALBERT KREUZ

Before founding his label ALBERT KREUZ in 2008, Uwe Schmidt worked as a project manager for an insurance company where he had to wear formal business clothes every day. “It was very hard to find quality undergarments which were suitable to wear underneath a suit or a dress shirt,” Schmidt remembers. “The vests were often too short and the cut was not ideal,” he says.“An undershirt with a lower V-neck and without sleeves was impossible to find. Not in stores, nor online. So I quit my well-paid job and took the opportunity to launch my own business for men’s undergarments, ALBERT KREUZ.” His sophisticated business undershirts feature body-fitting cuts and just the right 10  |  Issue 57  |  December 2017

necklines to ensure that they are nearly ‘invisible’ underneath a business shirt. Using delicate materials and paying great attention to detail all result in the undergarments feeling almost like a second skin. ALBERT KREUZ also designed nude-coloured underwear, which was long established in women’s fashion but not available for men. This turned out to be a big success, as nobody likes underwear to shine through. What started as an insider tip has turned into a successful label: “We don’t compromise when it comes to product quality and service. Never. Our products are priced in the same range as other brands. But our customers pay for the labour-intensive manufacturing in Germany, and above all for top-quality and hence expensive fabrics.”

Aside from quality, Schmidt places great importance on providing excellent customer service. He explains: “Everyone who buys ALBERT KREUZ automatically becomes a premium customer. We offer personal product advice on the phone. A quick call usually solves our customer’s problem.” He adds with a smile: “I don’t know any underwear brand online with a similarly great service rating on Trusted Shops.” Many customers quickly become regulars, and international orders are increasing. Today ALBERT KREUZ offers a wide range of sophisticated garments from various undershirts, shorts and socks, to bow ties, shape and swimwear. The undershirts are also available for women. But it does not always have to be the ‘invisible’ undershirt – customers can choose from all kinds of designs and colours. Red socks or colourful patterned silk scarfs add a sophisticated splash of colour to a business outfit.