Discover Germany, Issue 56, November 2017

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Discover Germany  |  Special Theme  |  MEDICA & COMPAMED 2017

The desire for cocooning – top-range noise protection for open spaces When the futurologist Faith Popcorn coined the term ‘cocooning’ in 1981, she understood it as the individual’s retreat into a private space from an external world that is perceived as stressful. Today, similar retreat tendencies can also be observed in modern office worlds’ open spaces. TEXT & PHOTOS: ROPIMEX R. OPEL GMBH, TRANSLATION: NANE STEINHOFF

As favourable as fostered communication in an open-plan office might be for teamwork – it also has a high price tag: it leads to overstimulation and thus influences the productivity of the individual. After all, who does not get distracted by constant phone calls and conversations in the background and – whether we intend to or not – inevitably listen to them with one ear? In such moments, probably everyone wishes one thing: to curl up into a ball to be able to work in peace. DIVI put.on: modular sound and sight protection Keeping cocooning’s requirements in mind, the manufacturer Ropimex from Saarland developed an entirely new, modular sound and sight protection system: DIVI put.on. It comprises cubes in the following formats: 80 x 40 x 9.4 centimetres or 40 x 40 x 9.4 centimetres. They are solely connected with adjustable feet and 90  |  Issue 56  |  November 2017

top panels made from aluminium, as well as plug connectors. While being fully configurable, the modules form a stable union when being placed on top of or next to each other and as offset arrangements. The best noise insulation requirements: A-class absorber 100 per cent polyester-acoustic-fleece in a cover made from two-millimetrestrong, 100 per cent wool felt ensures a sound absorption level of αω=1,00 – an exceptional level that is achieved when the cubes are used as a wall panel, as well as a partition wall. Adaptability for modern office life: like this today, different tomorrow While it is very easy to disassemble and assemble the lightweight cubes for one person, the system is also reconfigurable in no time. Each of the large modules do not weigh more than 2.65 kilogrammes, the

small ones a mere 1.35 kilogrammes. Thus, the modular system can be used in many different ways - consistent to the everchanging requirements of modern office life: as room divider in open spaces, as VIP lounge in the foyer or as a beautifully designed eyecatcher at trade fairs and conferences. With the sound and sight protection system DIVI put.on, one is able to create private, shielded off work islands – and also always an eyecatcher - in open spaces. Wide range of colours: large scope for creative design 11 standard colours that can also be combined with each other, secure great design freedom. Additionally, special colours and two-tone designs are available for inner and outer surfaces.