Discover Germany, Issue 56, November 2017

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Top: The new device ‘Atmosphere’. Right: Easy Master.

A vision of hope Austrian company €cosys is a pioneer in developing technology to protect the climate and save energy and resources in the industrial sector together with their partner HMI-Master. With an innovative approach, they raise awareness for the atmosphere and are committed to sustaining our planet’s eco-system. Their remarkable work is certainly something we can all get behind. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: €COSYS, HMI-MASTER

It is no secret that our environment needs us to change our habits if we want it to be sustainable. The two partners, Manfred Lobenwein from hardware and software firm HMI-Master and Albert Jocham from €cosys, help enable the change we need. Their exciting new innovation is a device called ‘Atmosphere’, an energy-saving system for the industrial sector and factories. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to our vulnerable atmosphere. “Invisible, scentless and volatile – that is how the atmosphere surrounds our planet. It allows us to breathe, protects us from unhealthy radiation and regulates our lives through climate. However, we are diligently and globally pumping crude oil into the atmosphere and by that we are changing the climate. Ice caps are melting, vegetation 84  |  Issue 56  |  November 2017

zones are shifting, the weather becomes more dynamic and we are starting to feel it more frequently,” explains Jocham. The brand-new device ‘Atmosphere’ links weather data with sensors in the factories. When the employees leave their work place, the eco-systems automatically turn off lights, heating, air compressors and many other energy-using applications. Jocham adds: “The savings are on average around ten to 15 per cent of energy, costs and emissions: Energy efficiency and climate protection completely automated. ‘Atmosphere’ also gives factories identification with climate protection and the opportunity to show their achievement for our climate publicly.” ‘Atmosphere’ will be officially launched on the

16 November during the UN climate conference COP23 in the Austrian Showcase at the Bonn Marriott World Conference centre. Another exciting team project by €cosys and HMI-Master is the software ‘Easy-Master’. As Lobenwein explains: “It intelligently manages all linked devices of a building and hence it saves resources such as gas, water, electricity and heating fuel.” From blinds to solar technology and photovoltaic processes, the software regulates it automatically and, more importantly, efficiently. “It is easy to customise the software to the individual requirements,” he adds. “With the free Easy-Master app, available for all operating systems, it is child’s play to manage all projects.” It certainly cannot get any easier to help protecting our climate. What are you waiting for?