Discover Germany, Issue 56, November 2017

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Dedicated to Design… What better way to spend cold and dark winter days than to cuddle up on one’s sofa with a glass of wine, a good book and some candles? After all, winter is the perfect time to spend some relaxing hours in your own four walls. This is why we handpicked some stylish design items from the DACH region that will turn your home into a cosy oasis. BY: NANE STEINHOFF  I  PRESS IMAGES

1. To make your home cosy in the dark season, embellish your dining table with a nut or orange bowl like this stylish one from the Hamburg-based brand Philippi. From £45.


2. When food sources slowly become scarce outside, do not forget to feed the birds that call your garden their home. This bird feeder from Philippi is made from stainless steel and a real eyecatcher. £18. 3. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to indulge in your nut addiction as walnuts and hazelnuts are omnipresent in everyone’s home. To crack these tasty treats in style, get this nutcracker from the Berlin-based label SIEBENSACHEN. £23. 4. There is always space for one more pillow, especially for this one. With its particular knot design, it does not only look interesting, but will also keep you warm during cold winter nights on the couch. £94. 5. What is better than lounging on one’s couch all day when it is stormy and rainy outside? Make this cosy and soft knitted plaid from TOM TAILOR this season’s couch companion. £53.



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