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Model with Silicone care® Décolleté Pad. Silicone care® products and APRICOT SKIN® products.

Aging gracefully

…with a little help from APRICOT beauty and healthcare Unfortunately, we cannot stop aging. But thanks to APRICOT we can certainly do something about some side effects. The effective beauty and healthcare products not only convince with their high success rate, but are also crueltyfree, vegan and hypoallergenic; so we can look beautiful as well as keeping a clean conscience. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: APRICOT

Entrepreneur Verena Jäger always dreamed about developing her own innovative cosmetic and healthcare line, which would tackle the beauty issues that aging brings. She wanted to find solutions for well-known problems using new research and development work. The result of this comprehensive approach is the APRICOT SKIN® and Silicone care® anti-wrinkle-pads. “We look at anti-aging from a new angle,” Jäger explains. “You can imagine wrinkles like a notch in the dermis, the second layer of skin. The supplying blood vessels cannot fully function in the affected area and hence the cell renewal is reduced. Through applying our products, the skin is smoothed out manually and can finally regenerate itself again. The wrinkle’s depth is reduced after the first application with significant improvements in the long run.” 56  |  Issue 56  |  November 2017

She continues: “Additional supporting effects are for example the microclimate, which is built between the skin and our silicon pads. The low molecular hyaluronic acid some of our products contain, can therefore reach deeper levels of the skin and are absorbed over longer periods of time.”

international distribution as well as growing as a business by employing more staff. This is, of course, all due to the great customer satisfaction. “The products’ quality and effect are highly appreciated by our customers and hence they remain loyal to our brand,” Jäger smiles brightly.“This makes us super happy and confirms that we are on the right track.” To find out more about APRICOT’s products, please visit the following website. CEO Verena Jäger.

It is significant how many customers return to APRICOT after their first purchase, which makes Jäger particularly happy as it speaks for the success of her products and means they genuinely add value. Each product tackles a specific problem so that every customer can find her personal favourite. Not only are the innovative products highly effective but, with a price range of 12 to 39 euros, they are also very affordable. Over the past years, APRICOT has established itself firmly in the beauty and healthcare sector. The company is expanding their