Discover Germany, Issue 56, November 2017

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Natural long lashes for everyone M2 BEAUTÉ Cosmetics is a true pioneer for natural eyelash growth. The idea came to the family of CEO Alexa Moysies a decade ago and they certainly embarked on the right mission at the right time. Today, their company is as successful as it is established in the market and their product portfolio has grown from just eye care to facial and decorative care.

and a great deal of wasted money. Furthermore, fake lashes, which can be difficult to put on, can have the tendency to fall off at exactly the wrong moment.

vividly: “It was pretty much exactly ten years ago when our family came up with the idea to found M2 BEAUTÉ Cosmetics. The initial impulse for the first product idea came from an American friend who worked as a make-up artist back then. She told us about medical eye drops, which had the side effect of causing strong eyelash growth. So, we simply sat down together, consulted many experts and thought about how we could turn this into a cosmetic application.”

Alexa Moysies wanted to develop a product that would make the dream come true: Real thick eyelashes with a beautiful curve. She remembers the early days

“We immediately knew that such a product would be sensational and a true innovation for so many women,” Moysies continues. “And when you look at the


It may sound clichéd, but it is certainly true: Long, thick lashes that beautifully curve at the exact right angle is something almost all women dream off. It is no coincidence that many women go through piles of different mascara brands in order to find the magic one that will make our eyelashes appear as gorgeous as we envision it. But this can result in frustration 54  |  Issue 56  |  November 2017