Discover Germany, Issue 56, November 2017

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A heart for postcards

Top: freshfish postcard box with various postcards from the series 'Tiere im Schnee', 'Winterkinder' and others. Bottom: freshfish owners Sonja Kräuliger (design) and Kevin Bein (print).

Are you looking for a unique present for someone special? Why not choose ten postcards, add a pen and put them in an exclusive metal box? Just like that, you have a very personal present for that one particular person in your life. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: FRESHFISH

Bern-based company freshfish and their exclusively designed postcards are out to put the pleasure back into writing. “It is impossible to put up text messages on your fridge! That was one of our most convincing arguments when we decided to establish our exclusive postcard design company 15 years ago. Besides, we wanted to fill the analogue void left by the growing digitised communication channels,” recount Sonja Kräuliger and Kevin Bein, owners of freshfish postcards. Graphic designer Kräuliger, printer Kevin Bein and their team are enthusiasts when it comes to the design of freshfish’s exclusive postcards: “Our cards recount tales; they express the idealism with which we go about our work. We are devoted to what we do and each order which, by the way, we personally pack and dispatch, is 16  |  Issue 56  |  November 2017

special to us,” Kräuliger enthuses about freshfish’s team and mind-set. Postcards designed by freshfish tend to mirror their makers’ experiences and stand out by their original designs and a very distinctive choice of topics. “Very often, new ideas develop out of personal experiences; we thus only design motifs we ourselves are happy to send to our friends and families,” explains Kräuliger. One of the many distinctive features of postcards designed by freshfish is the postcard box - a distinguished metal box that contains a pen plus a choice of ten pre-packed designs or your own individual choice of postcards. “I really love our postcard boxes,” says Kräuliger. “As the individual choices of our customers allows us to get to know them a little bit better. If a

customer, for example, fills a box with lovethemed cards, he or she wants to share his or her feelings with one special person. It is these moments, the envisioned stories behind our customers’ orders, that give our work and freshfish a most personal touch I would not want to miss,”stresses Kräuliger. Postcards designed by freshfish are sold all around Switzerland, but you can also order your own favourites or even fill your personal postcard box on their homepage - the team at freshfish is looking forward to your order!