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iCrush uses sophisticated materials such as stainless steel and sterling silver, which are later gold- or silver-plated, as well as precious stones. All of their creations are entirely handmade, and a great deal of heart and passion goes into making them. ‘Wear your own story’ is the credo of iCrush and it encourages the customer to choose and combine the jewellery to create their own individual and unique look. Ritzenhoff adds: “Jewellery is something very personal. We want to create designs that women can identify with and find a reflection of their own life story in.” Instead of being a statement piece, the jewellery by iCrush emphasises a woman’s character subtly. The various collections are designed for modern women of no particular age who follow their own style but also appreciate certain trends and who want to express part of their personality in a gentle way. Women who are inspired and know what they want but who can also pause for a moment to appreciate the beauty in the little things surrounding them. The jewellery’s diversity merged with its subtlety makes them ideal presents, as Ritzenhoff points out: “Our jewellery is, for example, also for women who would like to surprise their girlfriends, mothers and daughters with a thoughtful present.”

die Ewigkeit’ (moments for eternity),” says Ritzenhoff. “The small plates stand for personal moments, which are carried like a little treasure close to one’s heart. Moments that have become a part of us and accompany us on our journey through life. Our jewellery pieces tell stories, but every single one of us can put their own story and personality into them.” The inspiration comes from true stories and encounters that carry meaning for the designers. For example, a friend from Australia who always wanted to be a pilot inspired the travelling collection. Aside from it being a difficult path, becoming a pilot is particularly challenging as a woman as it is, unfortunately, still a very maledominated industry. But this friend did not

rest and powered through all the obstacles. Today, airplanes are her second home and iCrush made sure she can also wear little airplane earrings amongst other jewellery of the travelling collection. That there is a great deal of heart in their collections is not only evident through the stories that accompany them, but it is also a feeling communicated by the designs themselves. As the name iCrush predicts, customers fall completely in love with their pieces and never look back. It is this honest hunger for a colourful life paired with an almost quiet appreciation of beauty that makes iCrush so marvellously unique and authentic.

Of course the team behind iCrush has their own favourite pieces, although it is admittedly hard to choose between the gorgeous items. “One of our favourites is the delicate silver necklace with tiny plate pendants, which is called ‘Augenblicke für Lucky charm bracelet.

Airplane earrings.

Moments for eternity.

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