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identity Trust Management AG.

Sealing the safety deal With identity Trust Management, you are on the safe side when it comes to both online and offline identification. A variety of options makes identification, eWallet and eSignature possible anywhere at any time.

client who doesn't find a satisfying identification method with us.”


With the identity Kurier option, the client chooses time and place of the identification either online or on the phone. The courier will then look after the rest of the proceedings at the agreed time and place, allowing for both contract signing and delivery of the goods on the spot.

Are you looking for a solution regarding online contract conclusion? ‘identity eSign’ allows for legally compliant online signing, by means of a qualified mobile electronic signature following an online identification procedure. Within the frame of a video conference, the identified person can thus provide a digital signature in compliance with the “written form requirements” of the German Civil Code. identity Trust Management is the only German company that offers six identification products from a single source nationwide. In addition, their identity Management offers an individualised service which allows clients to choose and change 84  |  Issue 55  |  October 2017

the nature of identification procedures at any given time. The certified service identifies natural persons for Trust Service providers, via conformity confirmation aligned with eIDAS* regulations. Furthermore, individual, transparent reports on relevant questions guarantee a comprehensive and continuous overview of user behaviour. More and more business transactions nowadays are performed online, asking for a legal, uncomplicated way of identification, verification and e-signing. identity Trust Management provides no less than six options. Project manager Claudia Richter declares: “There is no

Offline identification services

You can also identify yourself at one of the 2,000 identity Shops in person, getting the result in real time as identity Trust Management reduces the procedure literally from days to a few minutes. The shops are an ideal e-commerce solution for mobile recipients. Online identification solutions The identity Auto Check allows prompt verification of electronic ID cards within