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Residential complex, Möliholz. Photo: © Barbara Bühler

Defining space and time “Each task has an individual context, which in turn calls for a custom-made project,” states architect Dario Oechsli, partner at Stutz Bolt Partner architects. “Thereby we strive to form something that is more than the obvious, average solution.” TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  I  PHOTOS: STUTZ BOLT

For the architects at Stutz Bolt Partner, a building should display an inner logic and character of its own. According to task respectively, the result will turn out to be either of spectacular dimension, or subtle and quiet. Whatever the nature of the project, Stutz Bolt Partner will always search for inspiration in the context. A wealth of experience Situated in Winterthur, the second-largest city of the Zurich canton, Stutz Bolt Partner as an architectural office has existed since 1960, provided with a well of expertise stemming from more than half a century of 94  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

constant architectural engagement. Since 2006, four partners are sharing the office leadership, marking a large generational change. Together with co-founder Markus Bolt, three younger partners today manage the team of 25. Profiting from long years of experience and a versatile team, a broad range of tasks can be tackled with each project. While most of their accounts still stem from competitions, the number of direct orders has increased over the past years due to the many existing referential buildings. The major part of the architects’ clients stem from public or professional bodies

such as building authorities or real estate departments. However, private builders are also welcome with Stutz Bolt Partner, who enjoy a personal project partnership at eye level. Like all architects, they know how much architectural quality benefits from direct communication. Often they meet builders who are open to design suggestions and foster clear objectives at the same time. Therefore, Stutz Bolt Partner strive to include the builders as much as possible, to achieve a detailed understanding of their concern. “Building means an adventure for both sides which, while posing many questions along the way, often results in long-term personal connections,” Dario Oechsli explains. The office continuously works on a vast range of projects, spanning from largescale housing projects to family homes, from shopping centres to hospitals and