Discover Germany, Issue 54, September 2017

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NRGkick: charge your car quickly wherever you go.

Charge your electric car anywhere, using any standard power socket with NRGkick Electricity is everywhere but it is usually not accessible to charge your electric car and the main option has been public charging stations. But Austrian company DiniTech, which is specialised in the development and production of electromechanical solutions particularly in charging technology for electric vehicles, is changing the game. With their revolutionary small mobile charging unit for electric vehicles called NRGkick, customers can charge their cars wherever they want. Get ready for the future.

unit NRGkick allows customers to take advantage of the fact that electricity can be found almost anywhere and makes it accessible for your electric car.

An integrated residual current protection (AC & DC) makes any power socket e-car safe. Moreover, an integrated energy meter permanently measures the current, voltage, energy and power at all phases. The charging current can be flexibly adapted to any circumstances at the push of a button, even continuously during charging via the NRGkick smartphone app.

The overall dimensions of the unit were reduced to an absolute minimum. The features of a classic wallbox moved into the charging cable so that you can always have your charging station on board. Different plug adapters let the charging process succeed at any conventional socket, no matter if power current, Schuko or camp-

While inventing their NRGkick, the team at DiniTech thought of everything; even protection against theft. During and after the charging process, the NRGkick is protected against theft and provides comprehensive protection against abusive readjustment of the charging current by people passing by. Even if an unauthorised person interrupts


With almost emission-free driving, electric cars are a fantastic invention that significantly help efforts to save our planet and make driving a far greener option. Up to now, the charging process has often presented a little challenge as public charging stations are still not available at every corner. This meant that trips had to be planned carefully in order to not get stuck somewhere. Smart company DiniTech brings the solution. Their innovative mobile charging 76  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

ing socket, one or three-phase. It utilises all three phases of the 400-volt power grid and enables a charging power of up to 22 kilowatts.