Discover Germany, Issue 54, September 2017

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Making the difference: Consultancy with a mission As Sustainable Society Consultants, Ramboll strive for inspiring and innovative solutions that make a genuine difference to clients, end-users, and society at large. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI

From urbanisation to climate change through to resource scarcity, the world today faces far-reaching challenges that will affect all of us in the long run. Ramboll develops sustainable solutions by providing engineering, planning and management consulting with more than 13,000 experts worldwide. The holistic approach is part of the consultancy’s DNA: Founded in Denmark in 1945, the company soon combined multiple engineering disciplines. Already a market leader in the Nordics, the first German office was established in 2000 in Hamburg. With an increasing demand for sustainable and holistic solutions, Ramboll now employs 500 experts all over Germany – with a tendency to grow. Knowing about its strong point, Ramboll’s new “Winning Together” strategy will focus even more on the collaboration within the company. Especially in Germany and the US, Ramboll seeks further organic 70  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

and profound expansion. By sharing their long-term sustainable engineering expertise, the consultancy is about to capture the German market. Markus Diederich, new country director at Ramboll Germany, is responsible for pushing the strategy in Germany. With this personnel decision, German consultancy expertise has again been valued highly by the Danish group, after already having elected Jens-Peter Saul as Group CEO in 2012. From his years of expertise as managing director with Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH, Markus Diederich knows the German market and its future issues very well: “With our unique service portfolio, we help to find the right solutions for topical challenges like liveable cities, new mobility, and renewable energies.” Few consultancies address and pursue the topic of sustainable society development as consistently as Ramboll does. At Offenbach Harbour on the River Main,

Left: Holistic city development – Offenbach Harbour. Photo: © Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl Middle: Headquarters Ramboll Germany, Hamburg, Chilehaus. Photo: ©Ramboll Top right: Enabling sustainable mobility – Red Line Jerusalem. Photo: © Ramboll Right: Innovative energy solutions – Copenhill, Copenhagen. Photo: © Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) / Glessner Group / Amager Resource Center

an industrial peninsular is being converted into a new sustainable city district. Modifying the initial urban plan, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl has re-connected the public open spaces to their scenic context and designed liveable as well as ecologically enriching spaces which integrate stormwater management. Generously landscaped stairs by the harbour invite the public to contemplate its waters and multiple smaller green spaces spread across the peninsular create ‘Landscape windows’. These new green spaces also reconnect the district with the adjacent Offenbach Green Band and network of the regional RheinMain park. The project has prequalified for the prestigious DGNB Gold Award for a sustainable city district. While they design structures, plan infrastructure and provide consultancy, for Ramboll their work is not fitted around profiling and economic expansion per se. As Markus Diederich states: “For Ramboll, sustainable society development is not just a fashionable term. Rather, it forms the backbone for each and every project we do.”