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Making the turnaround happen The Fichtner Group is a strong engineering and consultancy partner for pioneering energy projects, both on a national and an international level. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI

Initiated by Germany in June 2011 and since then followed by several international agreements reached at meetings such as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21), the global energy transition is well on its way. With infrastructural CO2 reduction as its core theme, post combustion technology is aimed at largely replacing fossil energy by the mid-century. In other words, technology-based methods using renewables such as photovoltaics, wind energy, hydropower and biomass are soon to replace resource-based energy systems that rely on dwindling fossil sources like coal, gas and oil. 66  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

As a renowned international consulting and engineering enterprise, the Fichtner Group aims at supporting this process by providing its combined technological expertise in all fields related to the energy sector: production and transport, distribution and storage, as well as economic usage. Fichtner offers process know-how, business model experience, system knowledge and, last but not least, IT tools to its clients. In short, Fichtner covers the entire value chain of the energy sector. Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Reuter, a Group company managing director, says: “In a world of radical change and growing

complexity, we offer a unique combination of services along the whole value chain, paired with independence. Our clients value the fact that as a familybased enterprise, we are not subject to major producers or lobbies of any kind.” Engineering and consulting success The Fichtner Group stands for engineering and consulting in the fields of energy, renewables and infrastructure. A global network of branch offices and associated companies provides the Group with the resources to work closely with its clients on complex and interdisciplinary projects. A global player that is present in 60 countries, Fichtner excels at country-specific expertise by working in cooperation with local partners. Its client list comprises most players in the energy sector. With a special focus on public supply and waste