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SolarMax Competent service and innovative products

Top left: Made in Germany: SolarMax develops and produces its inverters and storage systems in the Bavarian Burgau Left: Innovative ideas and a lean structure: SolarMax group’s managing directors. Right: Quickest possible repair: the SolarMax service technicians are especially proud of their response times.

In 2015, SolarMax group emerged from the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG and started its business operations with services for Sputnik’s former clients. Since 2016, the Burgau-based company has produced inverters for grid-tied solar power systems; this year, it brought its first power storage unit to the market. With the proven Sputnik quality and innovative ideas, the manufacturer successfully establised itself on the inverter and energy storage market. TEXT & PHOTOS: SOMA SOLAR HOLDING GMBH, TRANSLATION: NANE STEINHOFF

In May, SolarMax introduced new inverters with nominal powers of 20 and 25 kilowatts for repowering* commercial solar systems. They complete SolarMax’s product portfolio that covers string inverters from 1.8 to 32 kilowatts for private and commercial use. For larger systems and megawatt power stations, SolarMax has central inverters with capacities ranging from 330 to 720 kilowatts on offer. Save operating and maintenance costs with repowering SolarMax developed the new products as an alternative to inverters with ten to 20-kilowatt capacities, which have been slowly disappearing from the market since 2010. Thus, hardly any replacement units or spare parts are available anymore. “If one or two old devices get replaced by our new developments, high operating and maintenance costs can be 64  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

saved,” explains Pierre Kraus, managing director of Germany’s SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH. … and maximise returns Furthermore, the modern SolarMax inverters have higher efficiencies, are equipped with extensive communication features and comprise integrated network and plant protection that maintains the phase voltage. Thanks to their two or four MPP-trackers, they deliver high returns even when construed in a complex manner - because the MPP-trackers (MPP stands for maximum power point) ensure that the solar generator constantly runs at its optimal operating point. In the smaller power range, SolarMax currently impresses with the repowering inverter SolarMax 5000P, which achieves just as much with 4.6 kilowatts as the inverters did that were favoured between 2004 and 2010.

Replace and repair For the SolarMax group, service including training and repair work is of utmost importance. Whether string or central inverter: the company is especially proud of its reaction times. SolarMax exchanges faulty string inverters within 24 hours. Broken central inverters that normally cannot be exchanged due to their size and weight get repaired within 48 hours. Through this, the SolarMax group succeeds in restoring business operations as quickly as possible and avoids loss of income. Storing solar power This summer, SolarMax introduced the modular complete system MaxStorage TP-S for the storage of solar power. In one housing, the system solution for private households combines a lithium-ions battery storage, an inverter with seven kilowatts of power and a self-learning energy management system that regulates the energy flow and adapts the demand to the availability. *Here, old inverters get replaced by new units.