Discover Germany, Issue 54, September 2017

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Innovative optical solutions and systems made in Berlin The use of light-based technologies opens up many opportunities to find better, more sustainable solutions for numerous applications. Often enough, people are not aware how important these technologies are for everyone’s daily life. The Berliner Glas Group is a leading expert in this field and develops and produces optical key components and systems for very different business sectors and applications. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  I  PHOTOS: BERLINER GLAS GROUP

From manufacturing microchips to communication through space, from medical technology to the fabrication of OLED displays: the Berliner Glas Group’s developments can be found in very different and exciting fields – maybe even in unexpected ones. Many technologies we use on a regular basis like smart phones or fitness trackers rely on microchips as key components. To build these, semiconductor production systems need chucks, precise structural components, reference mirrors and stage modules – components the Berliner Glas Group develops according to customer-specific requirements. Without technologies like these, the fast-moving digitalisation of businesses and private lives would be impossible. Berliner Glas with its headquarters in Berlin-Neukölln also delivers touch display 46  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

assemblies that function perfectly even in challenging surroundings. “In addition, we constantly advance medical technology. We for instance provide beam guiding systems and zoomable lenses for ophthalmology,” explains Iris Teichmann, responsible for marketing and communications at Berliner Glas Group. Ophthalmology is the technical term for all treatments of the eyeballs. But lenses and light are used in other medical contexts as well. Medical imaging, surgical procedures and even diagnoses rely upon the use of light and thus upon optical components, assemblies and systems. Light is also used to enhance the communication in space, allowing high-speed data transfer. There are currently six satellites in space that have optical components and systems from the Berliner Glas Group on board.

The Berliner Glas Group with its 1,200 employees has five production facilities in Germany, Switzerland and China. When the father of today’s owner Dr. Herbert Kubatz founded Berliner Glas in 1952 he could not foresee the direction the glass factory would take, nor the following success story. The company today provides international market leaders in light-using industries with innovative solutions – as preferred partner along the entire process chain: from concept to volume production. Knowing the drivers of success in different market segments, Berliner Glas Group accelerates the development of new products and helps bringing them to market maturity quickly – a clear advantage in competitive markets. Employee with a chuck.