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Data on how a specific machine is performing can also be compared to data of other machines of the same kind. If the machine produces less than the others, changing specific parameters is recommended in order to improve performance, which in return increases revenue long term. The necessary software solutions APplus and SCS use to integrate machines and hence analyse data are available through Asseco Solutions and have received prestigious awards already. Asseco Solutions also masters the challenge, which integrating old machinery frequently represents. Within only a few days, they can install additions to bring old machines into the future of online cloud systems and data analysis. Asseco Solutions understands that nowadays everything is interlinked and changes

have a knock-on effect. Therefore, they not only offer IT solutions, but also consult on overall business models. Digitisation may mean that a new business model would generate bigger profits and is therefore something to be seriously considered. A daunting task without professional help. For a manageable fee, the specially trained consultants analyse a company and not only define together with the client which software solutions will be beneficial, but also assess if the current business model can be improved or expanded on. “Many companies have difficulties reflecting if issues like digitisation and Internet of Things are relevant for them and if so how it is going to affect their current business. We coach them through providing in-depth information and an

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individual analysis of their situation. Working hand in hand with our clients, we develop a strategy paper for their company’s digitisation and, if requested, we support them throughout their restructuring process,” Nawratil explains further. This holistic concept is very attractive for businesses across all sectors and Asseco Solutions has received the ‘ERP-Systemof-the-Year-Award for Innovation 2016’ by the ‘Centre for Enterprise Research’ for this particular approach. With the right partner, implementing ERP solutions does not have to be an insuperable task. Asseco Solutions gives businesses the right tools to succeed in a fast-paced world of digitised processes and interconnected devices. www.assecosolutions.com Photo: © iStock, JIRAROJ PRADITCHAROENKUL

Holger Nawratil, Asseco Solution’s Member of the Board. Photo: © Asseco Solutions, Claus Uhlendorf

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Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.