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Smart plug Eve Energy.

Smart thermometer Eve Degree solution. Smart thermometer Eve Degree.

More comfort? Just ask… With Elgato’s Eve you can control your home devices with a mere tip of your finger or, even simpler, with your voice. The Eve product series and free accompanying app is built for Apple’s revolutionary Home Kit and allows you to track and change for example temperature or energy consumption.

iPhone, your Apple Watch, an iPad, the remote control of Apple TV or soon from the new Siri-capable speaker Apple HomePod, increasing the quality and comfort of your home has never been easier.


If anyone is still wondering: the future has certainly arrived in our homes. The dream of controlling our appliances simply from our iPhone or iPad is no longer just a fantasy. Elgato, a frontrunner when it comes to the innovative field of Connected Home, has developed products and software, which are easily paired with Apple’s home kit and manage various aspects of your home. With eight main products, Elgato is the provider of the largest selection of Home Kit accessories. Without having to leave the comfort of your couch, you can check for example any room’s temperature, humidity, air quality or door state - simply through asking Siri for the desired data. With just your voice, you can control all the devices connected to Eve Energy. This means Siri can turn on lamps for you, adjust temperature or let you know which doors are open. 68  |  Issue 53  |  August 2017

Elgato spokesperson Lars Felber explains what sets Elgato’s app-enabled accessories apart: “Eve products combine seamless software with state-of-the-art hardware. We apply our expertise in user interface design and firmware programming to turn a simple heating, lighting or power control device into a smart solution that not only improves your comfort, but is also fun to use. By working together with specialised partners in the electrical industry and the thermal comfort sector, we ensure our customers receive a very well-rounded product made of reliable hardware and innovative software.” The set-up is easy and straightforward. There is no need to install a bridge or to run a cable. All you need are the Eve series products and the Elgato Eve app, which can be downloaded for free in the app store. Whether you manage it from the

Are you ready to make your home your castle? www.elgato.com Home Kit accessories Elgato Eve.

Smart motion sensor Eve Motion.

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Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.