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Heidi Steinberger.

In-depth career consulting.

Distilling potential: Heidi Steinberger Human Resource Service Heidi Steinberger looks back on decades of experience as a personnel consultant and recruiter from within the Munich region. About ten years ago, she also began her profound work as a career consultant with the same amount of passion – a dual path that bears many rewards. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  I  PHOTOS: HEIDI STEINBERGER

“For an enterprise, I practically act as their business card – which is the reason why I am striving to understand their company culture and philosophy to a point where I can make it my own,” Heidi Steinberger explains. Representing an enterprise to her also means portraying the level of respect for the employees. A respectful attitude to Heidi Steinberger is one of the main pillars of company culture as well as a major aspect of her own work as career consultant. She takes a person not only seriously but also strives to fully understand a personality in all its facets, so that qualities and talents can be distilled of which the candidates themselves may not have been aware of.“The solution lies within the personality,” she states. As senior consultant with decades of expertise in the sector, Heidi Steinberger

has a specific interest in middle-sized or family businesses that she deems to be an important factor for Germany’s economy. She consults enterprises with between 20 and several thousands of employees and especially enjoys working with innovative companies with a vision, like ‘hidden champions’. Her enterprise portfolio also includes the manufacturing and engineering sector, the latter known to her through her own work experience, as well as the cosmetic and electronic industry.

sonality and helping them to find the exact right place in a working environment. Heidi Steinberger Human Resource Service lately joined the experteer consultancy test (Headhunter of the Year) in which her clients attested to her “comprehensive and competent support”, paired with an “open, clear and honest communication”. Long-term relationships with her clients are based on expertise and seriosity while, as career consultant, her ability to see the long-term potential in a candidate makes for a key factor, as well as having their interests at heart. www.hrservice.de Heidi Steinberger Human Resource Service.

Apart from a mutual respect for the human being on both sides of employment, Heidi Steinberger’s work is defined by transparency and first-hand communication. Autonomous and reliable in her dealings, a face-to-face encounter is part of her approach of fully supporting a perIssue 53  |  August 2017  |  61

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Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.