Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017

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Leading expert for electric special drives ATE’s mission is to improve the world bit by bit and the company has been a true pioneer in creating smart electrical drives, which are custom-made for specific requirements. Electricity has been an integral part of our society for a long time now, but thinking outside the box and using their in-depth knowledge creatively puts the team behind ATE far ahead of their competitors. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: ATE

Electricity has always empowered mankind. It enabled us to build machines, to improve our living conditions and to make the world come closer together. All it takes is copper wire, electrical steels and a great deal of creativity. That is still the case today and ATE has made it its mission to help create new technologies and conquer unknown electronic territory. ATE’s extensive portfolio of diverse products shows that 44  |  Issue 53  |  August 2017

they can be applied in a wide range of different industries across the world. Basically, any company that uses electric mounting kits (rotors and stators) can benefit from ATE’s know-how. The German company was founded as a start-up in 2000 and has been growing steadily ever since. In 2008, the team at ATE already broke the world record with

their micro-drive capable of a breathtaking one million revolutions per minute. Their speciality lies in keeping the drives extremely small yet highly functional and reliable with an unbelievable amount of power. Developing customised solutions through working closely with their clients on their individual requirements can be seen as one of the pillars at ATE. ATE’s head of sales Joachim Bär says: “Our electric drives are like a tailor-made suit and one hundred percent application specific. Our designs are precise, meet the requirements and usually do not need prior testing. Most of our special motors have been designed for high speeds and/ or high torque. What they all have in