Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017

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Richard Hilton, managing director EMEA, Miller Heiman Group.

Analysis and transformation Customer’s focus or customer-focus? Miller Heiman Group frontline research puts customer experience right at the centre of all sales. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  |  PHOTOS: 2017 MILLER HEIMAN GROUP

The customer as a person is a unique partner for any interaction related to sales. Ideally, the experience, or ‘customer journey’, spans from a successful marketing strategy via the actual contact/service to the final conclusion/purchase. The latest research has shown that longterm oriented values in customer service eventually lead to greater revenue and sustainable company growth. The new comprehensive approach of the Miller Heiman Group supports clients from organisation to talent assessment and management through to process consulting, by using the latest in digital training methods. The firm offers solutions 82  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

for any challenges an enterprise might face within the sales and service division. For each phase of the selling process, the Miller Heiman Group portfolio of sales training programmes offer just the right practice-oriented training. With more than 60 branches worldwide and training in 20 languages, the group is one of few consulting companies offering consistent staff training on an international level. Their programmes are setting international standards and count as the most attended ones within the sales and service sector, with more than 1.5 million alumni worldwide. The independent CSO insights research company, part of the Miller Heiman

Group, serves as a basis for Miller Heiman Group’s own product innovations. They deliver the data and benchmarks that allow Miller Heiman Group to support companies with developing successful and professional strategies. The Miller Heiman Group is the merger of five leading providers for sales and service training within the USA. The roots of Miller Heiman, Achieve Global, Channel Enablers, Huthwaite and Impact Learning Systems reach back to the ‘70s. The 2014 merger therefore did not only pool the competencies and product portfolios of five enterprises; the newly formed organisation also profits from the mutual sum of 150 years of experience in consultation and staff training of customer organisations. Miller Heiman Group clients are individuals like sales managers, striving to im-