Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017

Page 58

By connecting the lamps in an intelligent way, it is possible to provide individual moods in all rooms of the penthouse at the Hard Turm Park tower.


– Smart home and digital assistant in one digitalSTROM is a smart home system that makes living easier, more comfortable, secure, and energy efficient. It connects all electronic devices with each other and to the internet.

an intelligent way, it is possible to provide individual moods in all rooms that are tailored to the residents’ needs.


Comfort and security

When you wake up in a digitalSTROM house, the day starts differently for you: the light is dimmed, so your eyes can adjust to your surroundings and you wake up well rested. The bathroom welcomes you with your favourite music and everything is ready for you: the shower has exactly the temperature you prefer and the light mood slowly changes to daylight – you feel vitalised and ready for your day. You slowly start your day by looking at a mirror that also displays the current weather and your appointments. Therefore, you know what to wear and expect in the following hours. While you are still in your bathroom and getting dressed, water is being preheated 58  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

for your special type of tea, providing time you never had before. You can enjoy your breakfast without feeling rushed. With digitalSTROM you can have a perfect day – because your digital assistant prepares what you need. The penthouse at the Hard Turm Park tower in Zurich is proof of how perfectly this kind of intelligent interconnection and contemporary design can interact. While the interior was designed by the artist collective Dyer-Smith Frey, the builders chose digitalSTROM as a smart home platform to orchestrate the entire light control of the penthouse. By connecting the lamps in

With a simple “I’m leaving” to the voice control of the apartment or a conventional pushbutton, which was defined as “leave home”, you can pursue your plans without bothering about your home. A signal is sent to all devices, which then react individually depending on their type. The lights go out, heating turns off, shutters close and the flat iron is switched off. If a window is open, digitalSTROM sends a notification. With only one command, the house takes care of everything. digitalSTROM even ensures that the house is secure even if nobody is at home: presence simulation turns on the audio system as well as lights and moves the shut-