Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017

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Handle for the Alpa TC 12.

estragon designs for VONSCHLOO.


Design versatility made in Switzerland For any company, product design is one of the most important aspects of their value chain. Especially in modern, crowded marketplaces, the right design makes for a sharp, recognisable image that transcends the multitude of products. It is also the key element for communicating a coherent sales story. Since its foundation, Swiss company estragon specialises in the collaborative development of specific, sustainable product design. TEXT: THOMAS SCHROERS  |  PHOTOS: ESTRAGON GMBH

“Design to us is a reduction to the essentials, the omission of redundant aspects. Because omitting something and focussing on a clear message takes courage, a courage, that enables one to take a step into the unknown.” When Dirk Fleischhut and André Lüthy met during their studies at the Art Centre Europe, they did not know that some years later they would take such a step themselves. After gaining experience in various design sectors, they reunited and combined their new insights with their basic creative disposition to form estragon. Over the years, the name estragon, which served as an abstract image for taste and sense, has been filled with a diverse, exciting array of projects. Versatility and diversity have been an initial goal for Fleischhut and Lüthy, who are working with brands such as ASICS, Tissot, ALPA, 14  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

SIGG, SCOTT, Thule or VONSCHLOO. For SWIZA the two created a concept for a new Swiss Knife, which possesses a modern self-sufficient design, while also portraying the longstanding history of the brand. “Daily we experience the different ways how our customers approach design and that there are various approaches to solving similar problems,” explains Lüthy. “At estragon, we are always confronted with new questions and challenges, but that is where our creativity comes from.” Creativity, which also enabled the estragon team to develop a design DNA and concept, both artistically and technically, for an all new line of urban packs for the brand Jack Wolfskin. In the past 15 years, the design process has not changed as much as the tools have. Photo-realistic imaging, rapid prototyp-

ing, digitalisation of models and further methods influence the daily work. For Fleischhut and Lüthy, new tools are valuable when applied properly. “At the core of our work is always the creative vision and the formal expression. In the end, it is the quality and thorough execution that counts and is needed to give the design and product the necessary sustainability and longevity.”

SWIZA’s Swiss Knife.