Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017

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Outdoors lighting concept.

Residential and office building Baden (CH).

Classic elegance meets imagination “I want the people living in my buildings to experience a sense of well-being, without exactly knowing why,” says architect Lucienne Antonia Köpfli.

buildings, a spiral staircase, one of the project’s beautiful eye-catchers, unites the two structures to an ensemble.


Marked by a timeless quality and classic elegance, Atelier LAK designs are functional and economic, as well as ergonomic and easy to inhabit. As the architect Lucienne Antonia Köpfli herself states: “Though my architecture is unassuming in general, there will always be a playful element, capturing the imagination for a moment and thereby creating a pleasant distraction.” Thanks to a direct commission, the architect was able to start her office right after finishing her studies around ten years ago. Since then she has applied her skills to building and remodelling concepts, feasibility studies, as well as building assessment and competition advice. Her range of offers further include cost calculation and implementation planning, site management as well as construction administration. 110  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

For a residential and office building at central Theaterplatz in Baden, Switzerland, Atelier LAK planned, designed and implemented a classic structure containing five condominiums, two medical practices and two offices. Flanked by a heterogeneous mix of solitary buildings, the house provides for a solid yet elegantly grounded quality, adding to the overall value of the Theaterplatz city square. The future owners of the apartments, all in retirement, were looking for suitable city flats. Lucienne Antonia Köpfli designed a six-storey building, with a limestone concrete base. Limestone is a typical traditional building material in the region, and the house blends in with the urban surroundings effortlessly. Oriented on a former 120-year-old tower building, the structure also features an attic floor, complete with roof terrace. While the main building breathes a charming solidity, an attached glass pavilion to the back adds light-flooded fragility. Set between the two

“My clients are people with a strong sense for aesthetics and comfort,”states the architect. Often, the people approaching Atelier LAK have their own, clear views on architecture, or they even stem from the building industry itself. For the near future, the architect wants to tackle mainly remodelling and refurbishment projects. With her sense for unobtrusive yet elegant designs, Lucienne Antonia Köpfli will find the path just right for preserving old values while adding modern comfort and levity.

Stairwell ‘eye’.