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The Swiss solution to sartorial woes Sartorial savviness and a kinship with the more fashion-conscious side of a city are essential traits for a successful fashion tour guide. Fortunately, Lucerne’s Rahel Röllin, who runs the stylish city’s ModeKultTour has these qualities in abundance. TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE I PHOTOS: BRUNO RUBATSCHER, COPYRIGHT: RAHEL ROELLIN

“I was often approached about my style,” she laughs,“and asked where I’d bought my outfits, so I used to just lead people to these small shops where I’d found the pieces.” Over time, the marketing and communication expert realised her impromptu tours were becoming a hit with female friends and even women from further afield. ModeKultTour started under the premise that it is hard to find the best shops and fashion buys in cities that are flooded with high-street chains. The concept is simple: a personalised shopping experience meets a fashion tour of a city’s best boutiques, seeing small groups guided to cherry-picked locations and given an exclusive closed-doors shopping experience – complete with experts, fashion tips and

Prosecco. Röllin continues in reference to her home city: “Lucerne has a lot of really exciting fashion boutiques, but they tend to be off the beaten track.” Now in its fifth year, the concept of ModeKultTour has been rolled out in Zurich and Winterthur, marrying the

experience of high-end fashion tourism with an exclusive consumer experience in some of Switzerland’s most thriving cities with regard to well-designed women’s fashion. Röllin concludes: “I’ve always been a fan of things with soul, lovingly curated and designed, be it clothes, furniture or unusual fabrics. You can really sense the passion behind a product. That’s why I’ve always been so drawn to it, particularly small collections and Swiss-made items.”

Lucerne’s chocolate fairy tale Once upon a time there was Max – a chocolate-loving boy. His dad Patrik König and his late granddad – also passionate chocolate enthusiasts – finally brought their dream of a chocolate atelier in Lucerne to life on 27 September 2009. The date is not incidental: it is the birthday of Max’s granddad and the name ‘Max Chocolatier’ is a homage to son Max. A beautiful family story, is it not? TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: MAX CHOCOLATIER

Since then, Max Chocolatier have conjured up enchanting, handmade chocolate creations that are made out of natural, regional and high-quality ingredients. Annually, seven tonnes of chocolate from Felchlin – one of the world’s best chocolate suppliers – are processed here by hand. Numerous flavours and packaging possibilities line their portfolio of tasty truffles, chocolate bars and more. “Each Max Chocolatier creation tells its own story and is coated with finest Swiss chocolate and combined with juicy raspberry or fiery chilli – to name just a few,” smiles Ramona Odermatt, brand and communications manager.

Their product range perfectly harmonises with the four seasons and puts special emphasis on seasonal circumstances. Thus, one can also look forward to a thrilling winter collection which incorporates a sensuous, festive and beautifully wrapped Christmas collection that can be bought from November until the end of December. If you are searching for another gift idea, Max Chocolatier also offers tailor-made truffles and chocolate bars for their customers. Tasting sessions with a tour through the 88-square-metre atelier can also be booked.

Truffle Raspberry Branchli.

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