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Mobility for horses ‘Made in Germany’ It is a given fact that horses need a great deal of exercise in order to keep their muscles strong and their bodies mobile and healthy. While exercise is ideally granted by a daily riding routine or by free movement, circumstances may arise when this routine does not suffice or cannot be maintained. Here treadmills manufactured by ms Horse can be of invaluable help to race, jump or leisure horses alike.

muscle-building appliances. The whole range of ms Horses’ handmade products can be viewed and ordered online. A fine choice indeed if you are looking for only the best for the wellbeing of your horse or a well-equipped stable.


ms Horses’ treadmills are available in a variety of versions: the economy version, as a purist, has the walking function only. In contrast, the premium version has an individually deployable vibration functionality that counts among its major distinguishing features. This functionality helps to actively build up muscles, enhance flexibility and stretchability, and thus renders exercise more effectively. Moreover, the velocity of both ms Horses’ treadmills can be adjusted according to the horse’s pulse rate, thus neither underchallenging nor overtaxing the animal. “The treadmills, of course, are not supposed to replace a horse’s free and unhin-

dered movement in its natural surroundings,” emphasises Preisendanz, head of marketing at ms Horse. “Yet, they are an invaluable addition to the formation of muscles for convalescent or sport horses.” ms Horses’ product range is not limited to treadmills or similar mobilising and

From left to right: Delaya on the ms Horse Power Vibrations Trainer Premium. ms Horse saddle cabinet with ms Horse grooming box. ms Horse Power Vibra Station. ms Horse Power Vibrations Trainer.

Securely networked in equestrian and outdoor sport The Bluetooth communication system CEECOACH enables voice communication for up to 500 metres and the new XTREME edition is even more robust and waterproof. TEXT: PEIKER CEE GMBH, TRANSLATION: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PEIKER CEE GMBH

Communication during training or outdoors can be hard at times. However, a new device that is based on Bluetooth and guarantees stable voice communication up to 500 metres changes this. Whether during horse riding, outdoor sport or on the ski slope, with the CEECOACH up to six people can smoothly talk with each other – even over greater distances. For its innovative design, the CEECOACH, which is a product by peiker CEE, was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2015 and was also honoured on the international sports fair ISPO. Numerous equestrian sport professionals have convinced themselves of the communication system’s quality. Amongst them is Isabell Werth, a multiple world 16 | Issue 41 | August 2016

champion and Olympic champion in dressage. She uses the device during daily training sessions and during tournament preparation at the warming-up area. In her honour, a CEECOACH special edition was designed that bears the name of the equestrian sport professional and is embellished with exclusive Swarovski crystals. Just in time for summer, CEECOACH is also available as the waterproof XTREME

edition. A robust silicone case safeguards the device from dirt, water (protection class IP67) and UV radiation. Thus, the XTREME edition is even more resistant and is especially suitable for the use at and on the water. The waterproof communication device is complemented by a waterproof stereo sport headset with special wind noise reduction technology.

The CEECOACH communication system consists of two devices plus headsets (Starter Kit). Up to six participants possible.

Isabell Werth, world champion and Olympic champion in dressage, with her CEECOACH.