Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Interior Architecture

Main photo: Rondellapotheke, new salesroom. Photo: Studio Holger Knauf Right: Swarovski landscaping, bicycle stand. Photo: Thomas Schüpping

Sensing spaces: where architecture meets the soul

reginadahmeningenhoven’s team create interior architecture for the 21st century Shaping a new world through innovative design with “a love for wisdom” is architect Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven’s declared mission. Dipping into the “zeitgeist” and meeting whatever needs exist at the present moment is what the architect and artist describes as the source of ingenuity. Her projects aim at creating “rooms that help to heal” and this humane aspect of her work is being followed by her team as well. The reginadahmeningenhoven team consists of three architects, two interior and one graphic designer as well as a communications manager and a producer. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI I PHOTOS: THOMAS SCHUEPPING, STUDIO HOLGER KNAUFF

A most important area of expertise at Dahmen-Ingenhoven is the health and well-being sector.“My buildings are like human beings,” she says, “and especially when it comes to medical buildings they should be happy, supportive and give hope and strength.” Making people feel good is the office motto and reginadahmeningenhoven projects aim to heal. Just like in nature where a reliable order nur62 | Issue 39 | June 2016

tures the process of growth and healing, the reginadahmeningenhoven buildings and interiors want to create a connection with that underlying power which strives for unity. Dahmen-Ingenhoven is of the firm opinion that people deserve to be surrounded by the architecture which serves them best, whatever situation they find themselves in. Translated into architecture it means creating spaces like for

example the Lanserhof medical spa which triggered the following comment of a visitor: “This is what it looks like when Petrus opens the gates of heaven.” Reminding of writer E.M. Forster’s idea of a house-friendly approach, as opposed to the other way round, a“beautiful”house for reginadahmeningenhoven means a house with history, a soul and a story or two to tell. If asked to renovate an old building, reginadahmeningenhoven will set to work with a humble approach of creating a unity between the old and the new. Recently, the ‘Rondell-Apotheke’ in Munich won the Finest Interior Award. This project shows how reginadahmeningenhoven apply their philosophy of humane design to interior spaces, with the new salesroom resembling a happy underwater