Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Main photo: Johannes Berger. © Steve Haider Right: Zweigelt grape. © Weingut Berger Leginthov Far right: Greening at the vineyard. © Weingut Berger Leginthov Opposite from top: BERGER LEGINTHOV wines. © Hans Juergen Luntzer The Zweigelt vineyard in June. © Weingut Berger Leginthov Ice wine harvest. © Weingut Berger Leginthov Johannes Berger. © Steve Haider

Dedicated to nature, quality and taste Offering high-quality wines at an affordable price is one of winery BERGER LEGINTHOV’s top priorities. By giving nature the time it needs, the winery produces unique and extraordinary tasteful wines, which are loved by occasional wine drinkers as well as connoisseurs. TEXT: MONIQUE AMEND

Time matters – especially when it comes to good wine. It is an important factor during the maturing and the storage process and the most important reason why the wines at the winery BERGER LEGINTHOV stay in the barrels longer than usual. “In our hectic society, time and tranquillity have become very rare,” says the calm and prudent vintner Johannes Berger. Still, or 24 | Issue 39 | June 2016

rather due to that, it is important for the Austrian winery BERGER LEGINTHOV to allow their types of wine enough ripening time to develop an individual taste and character before they are bottled. A family business in a top location Not only Johannes’ relaxed and calm attitude runs in the family but also the

passion for wine. The winery BERGER LEGINTHOV is a family business located in Moenchhof, the oldest wine-growing village in Austria. Here, in the very eastern part of the country, many varieties can be found since the region distinguishes itself with a Pannonian climate with low precipitation, hot summers, moderate cold winters and various soil types. Lake Neusiedl works like the area’s thermostat and enables a long growing season during which the grapes can mature completely. This special climate helps to create fruity and harmonic red wines as well as white wines with a great body and balance. The special quality wines like ice wine and