Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Audio & Sound

Only the best for finely tuned ears There are people who do not care about the sound of music, as long as what comes out of the loudspeakers remotely resembles their favourite song. Yet there are others who are looking for audio equipment that suffices only the highest standards.

Kampschulte according to the customer’s individual specifications, which also include the prevailing room acoustics at the customer’s own home.


“The last couple of years have seen the comeback of the vinyl long-player, currently one of the most exciting trends in the music industry,”offers Kampschulte. Accordingly, Loftsound not only offers a variety of more than 30 record players but also an extended choice of the newly esteemed vinyl long players.

Markus Kampschulte, the owner and founder of Loftsound near to Dortmund, is a music fanatic and a jack-of-all-trades. He and his brother Stefan are experienced sound engineers and Markus plays the guitar in several bands, which can occasionally be seen on television. The two brothers opened the high-end sound studio Loftsound in 2005 on the premises of an old loft that they had skilfully converted into a paradise for like-minded music lovers. ”What drives us is the love of music,” says Kampschulte. “Our ultimate aim is for the customer to actually feel the music and to experience moments of pure pleasure and relaxation. We want our customers to be absorbed by the music and to experience some authentic listening experiences.” 16 | Issue 39 | June 2016

In order to fulfil this aim, Kampschulte’s Loftsound offers a huge variety of differing brands, most of them small but select and known exclusively to the most demanding and committed sound lovers. Much of the equipment on offer is hand-made and limited to one piece only; thus not only guaranteeing first-class craftsmanship but also exclusivity to its future owners. Music lovers visiting Kampschulte on the premises of Loftsound will be in for a pleasant surprise: not only will they be met with the most up-to-date high-end audio equipment; they will also be able to discuss music over a nice cup of coffee at the shop’s own coffee bar. Visits can be arranged prior to a customer’s visit where the customer will be able to enjoy a choice of sound systems pre-selected by

At Loftsound, music lovers will find the most competent advice on high-end audio equipment, a perfect surrounding for testing this equipment, and for keeping up to date with current developments. Markus Kampschulte and his team are expecting your visit. Main image: The Loftsound team: Brothers Markus (front) and Stefan Kampschulte (back). Top right: The loft. Middle right: Vinyl trend. Bottom right: High-end studio.