Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Being at the top no longer equals being ahead of others The business world of today has changed, and so have the key ingredients that determine success and being a frontrunner in business. Digitalisation has led to new structures and new values and the term ‘culture beats strategy’ has never been more true than now. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN I PHOTOS: FOURPOINTZERO.CH

Being a successful company and in a leading position once meant the following: management was shaped by hierarchy, efficiency and stability, by people with a strong product orientation working on site. Companies had a long-term strategy and management meant control. But these times have passed. Today being a leader has more to do with communication, innovations and networks, with working virtually and dealing with complexity. Leaders are confronted with many uncertainties on a daily basis. “Today we are speaking of the fourth business revolution,”says Daniela Thomas, one of four female ‘cultural-architects’ based in Germany and Switzerland and working in a team as“Entrepreneurs today have to ask themselves: how 4.0 am I and what can be said about my company?” The fourpointzero consultants suggest: whoever wants to lead a company successfully into the future has to consider the actual megatrends – currently and above anything else digitalisation is priority. Many think the main aspect here is technology. 72 | Issue 87 | May 2016

But indeed digitalisation means a great deal more. Statistics say that successful digitalisation is only determined by technology 30 per cent of the time. The remaining and more important 70 per cent have to do with living a new, digital company culture. And that makes things more complicated: culture cannot simply be changed or managed. A change in culture comes with time and is the result of a sustainable process. It is something many companies are struggling with and a leverage point for consultants who act as cultural-architects. “A buzzword currently used often is digital disruption,” says Daniela Thomas. But scaremongering falls short. “Disruption more so means a positive pressure initiating adaption and mutation and therefore enabling companies to safely adapt to the business world’s new complexity. It enables them to stay at the top and lead ahead.” Business 4.0 means developing a creative, emotional and meaningful work culture and surroundings. Work becomes more humane. “And that actually is quite a positive perspective,” says Daniela Thomas. fourpointzero aims to build a revolutionary new working world.