Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Two generations, one wine landscape Amidst the beautiful surroundings of Fläsch, in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, family Hermann has produced fine, award-winning white and red wines since 1982. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: WEINGUT HERMANN, YANNICK ZURFLUEH

The winemaking family Hermann specialised in winegrowing during a property consolidation between 1970 and 1975. In 1983, Peter Hermann pressed his first vintage and soon after, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Pinot Gris were added to the winery’s portfolio. Open for new things, new grape varieties were constantly tried out. Thus, it seems no wonder that Peter Hermann was the first vintner who produced Sauvignon Blanc in Grisons. Today, family Hermann manages six hectares of vines, while the largest land parcel is a five-hectare-large, south-facing terrace complex. The entire vineyard is cultivated according to VINATURA’s guidelines so that the wines are produced as sustainably as possible. The use of chemicals is kept to a minimum and the family seeks to foster a large biodiversity. “Only healthy vines bring about aromatic grapes,” notes Rosi Hermann, wife of Peter Hermann. 32 | Issue 38 | May 2016

She adds: “We are Swiss pioneers in cultivating in harmony with nature.” The grapes are meticulously harvested by hand and gently transported to the winery. “Already during foliage work, we specifically care for each wine type to give each its typical aroma,” notes Rosi Hermann. She adds: “The red wines get gently pressed, the use of wood is subtle to avoid uniform wines and we try to keep filtering at a minimum. This may be labour intensive but only like this can we produce complex and long-living wines” Known for their fresh, crisp white wines and great Pinot Noirs, each of their wines show an extremely beautiful structure – even at an old age. From classical wines to ancient types of wines, such as Completer and winery Hermann’s main type Pinot Noir, all of their wines are worth trying.

For those who want to experience the magnificent ambiance of the winery, the Grotto Fläscher Bad, which was built from the ruins of the former Bad Fläsch around 40 years ago, invites guests from April to December to the foot of the vineyard. The ancient, cosy vaulted cellar and the idyllic pergola are a wine-tasting and event venue which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying winery Hermann’s exceptional wines. 2017 will see the winery’s next chapter as it will be passed over to the next generation. Son Roman will continue winery Hermann’s high standards, while father Peter will continue to stand by his son’s side. Together, they want to continue to stand for uncompromising quality and to count towards Switzerland’s top wine producers.