Discover Germany, Issue 38, May 2016

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Special Theme

Gentlemen’s Fashion

Main Photo: Premium scarf. Top: Corporate tie for Santander. Middle: Blue business tie. Bottom: Corporate tie for DKV.

Distinctive fashion for a strong appearance Well-designed accessories in corporate design complete a perfect look. Germany-based manufacturer Tie Solution GmbH offers businesses a wide range of products, all of which highlight and create your very own, unique identity. TEXT: THOMAS SCHROERS I PHOTOS: FOTOGRAFIE STUDIO SALLES, BARCELONA

Although Tie Solution GmbH was originally founded in Barcelona, Spain, it is nowadays located in the heart of Germany near the city of Gießen. For the company’s founder A.G. Sanchez, the shift from Spain to Germany was a strategic decision aimed at increasing the absolute proximity to clients in the European Union (EU) and Eastern

Europe. As the current location is only 100 kilometres away from the geographic centre of the EU, “the central position of Gießen is just advantageous, especially for our clients in Scandinavia, the Benelux and Russia.” Due to this place of location, Tie Solution GmbH is able to serve any kind of order within two weeks’ time. As it happens, “any kind” is a core ingredient of the business model for Tie Solution GmbH, which is not only aimed at the fashion industry. In fact, the company wants to embellish people from all walks of life and because of this desire it is working in every business sector imaginable. For example, Tie Solution GmbH is helping the creation of corporate identities for trade fairs. Also, Sanchez and his team

14 | Issue 38 | May 2016

are working with car manufacturers for the design of VIP presents and retail sales products. Or with insurance companies for employee presents. The company is serving marketing agencies and full service providers likewise and in all of these efforts it invites the clients to bring their own creative ideas into the process. This diversity is represented throughout the customised product range. Ties, scarfs, pashminas, shawls and bow ties are all available and manufactured out of a variety of materials. Among others Tie Solution GmbH is working with silk, cashmere, wool and cotton and offers various weaving and printed patterns. All of the products can be delivered in high quality personalised packaging. Through constant innovation in the working process Tie Solution GmbH is able to market 500 new designs and each design with twelve colour combinations every quarter.