Discover Germany, Issue 37, April 2016

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Discover Germany | Design | AJOLA® and WUNASIA

Sophisticated and exciting designs AJOLA® creates jewellery pieces that ignite the senses. Sisters Babett Grüschow and Birka Landwehr turn exciting designs into exceptional necklaces, bracelets, earrings and key pendants that are sure to stand out. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: AJOLA

Having shared a passion for jewellery since their childhood, the sisters from Hamburg founded AJOLA® in 2005. “We want to create jewellery that makes women happy and which catches the eye. The passion for all that further enchants even the most beautiful woman connects us,” smiles Babett. All of AJOLA®’s collections are designed with loving care from the sisters collectively. “All of our jewellery is handcrafted and gets largely manufactured in our own workshop. After all, we want to produce something special and not mass-produced items,” notes Birka. Their inspiration is found on trips taken together – whether in Denmark, Asia or Berlin. Babett says: “We always think about the

women who wear our jewellery when we design the pieces. These should express one’s personality and convey a great feeling.” The light-reflecting bracelet ‘All Colours’ or the fiery red coral necklace ‘Shanghai Diva’, for example, are sure to do just that. The colourful key pendant ‘Miracle’ is another great item which can be easily found in the biggest bag thanks to the pearl’s light-reflecting surface lacquering. AJOLA®’s products can be bought in museum shops, galleries and stores in Germany and beyond, as well as in the company’s online shop. Top: Necklace ‘Take my Heart’ Middle: Bracelet ‘All Colours’ Bottom: Necklace ‘Shanghai Diva’

Cool bags for cool people “We wanted to create a cool bag with a difference, a cool bag that did not look like one,” says Karl Röhrig, managing director of WUNASIA, a German family business. “We are very proud that, using design, quality, functionality and premium workmanship, we have achieved this goal with our BE CooL bags.” TEXT: JULIKA HUETHER I PHOTOS: WUNASIA | PETER ATKINS

Founded in 2000, WUNASIA design their products inhouse and keep a close eye on production quality. Tear-proof seams, water-resistant exteriors, recyclable materials, foldable designs and easy to clean contaminant-free PEVA interiors are just some of the features the long-life BE CooL bags boast. Their versatility, appreciated in Europe as much as in Mexico, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other hot countries, is seemingly endless. “Naturally, the BE CooL bags are first of all used for grocery shopping,” 14 | Issue 37 | April 2016

says Röhrig, “but also for picnics, barbecues, days at the lido…” Additionally, WUNASIA have designed specialised cool bags for champagne bottles and beauty products as well as for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. Design is always key, and new trends constantly inspire BE CooL designer Volker Hundertmark to create models that expertly combine style and convenience. “Our classically elegant silver-coloured models are characteristic of the brand, they are the BE CooL trademark,” Röhrig says.“They reflect high-quality design and optimum functionality.” The newest addition to the wide variety of cool bags is the ‘Aloha’ range. With

its fresh colours and trendy design, it creates a holiday feeling wherever it travels – whether that is Hawaii or simply the Lake District.