Discover Germany, Issue 35, February 2016

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Health & Beauty

Organic cosmetics for responsible beauty treatments Living the healthy and natural way is the best way to preserve one’s beauty and is a key factor for cosmetic brand Vivian Weiss. With an approach related to traditional Chinese medicine, her products solely consist of natural and largely organic ingredients, rebalancing the body and skin. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN I PHOTOS: VIVIAN WEISS

Vivian Weiss cherishes the idea of harmony, of inner and outer balance, Ying and Yang like it is practised in traditional Chinese medicine.Vivian Weiss is based in Bavaria, ordering her ingredients from handpicked local manufacturers. With a double effect: knowing her business partners personally guarantees that Vivian Weiss only uses quality products and at the same time supports the regional economy. No matter if she is using the intriguing scent of roses, soothing camomile or nourishing shea butter: all products are made cruelty free and, whenever possible, with organic ingredients according to the principles the German BDIH has set for natural cosmetics. They are free from artificial colouring, components of animal origin, synthetic fragrances and petroleum products like paraffin, mineral oils and perfumes.

54 | Issue 35 | February 2016

The Vivian Weiss moisturiser for everyday use, for example, consists of jojoba oil and aloe vera – natural ingredients well known for their hydrating effect. The same ingredients are also used for a shower gel and a body lotion. The newest products on the market are a shampoo and an eye cream. To summarise: for Vivian Weiss beauty is not gained using cosmetics based on mineral oils and artificial additives, but in taking care of one’s body with enough sleep, healthy food and beauty products made of natural ingredients. Even during her early childhood,Vivian Weiss loved to explore the flora around her, to detect their secret powers. When eating a watermelon, she always used to cut the skin and put it on her face to moisten her own skin. And when her mother made a cucumber salad, she

snitched two slices and put them on her eyelids until her mother called for dinner. But even though her interest for natural cosmetics has existed since her youth, it was her pregnancy and the birth of her child that inspired her to found her own business. In shops she could not find a quality lotion for her skin, changed due to pregnancy hormones, nor for her child. After thorough research and a long development time, she finally established Vivian Weiss Naturkosmetik.

Portrait: Vivian Weiss