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Picasso’s passions

Cultural Highlight of the Month Germany

Art exhibit in Lindau A new landmark exhibition in Lindau highlights Pablo Picasso’s enduring impact, showing his works, influences and passions. From 19 March through to 28 August, Bavaria’s historic and southern-most city presents a fascinating exhibit of original Picasso works that span seven decades. TEXT: ELISABETH DOEHNE | PHOTOS: LINDAU TOURISMUS UND KONGRESS GMBH | SUCCESSION PICASSO | KULTURAMT LINDAU

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was perhaps the most important artistic figure of the 20th century. A Spanish expatriate, prolific painter, sculptor and poet, the‘modernist master’has left an enduring legacy in his wake. In 2016, Picasso would have been 135 years old. Honoring this occasion, as well as the 75th birthday of curator Prof. Roland Doschka, the city of Lindau celebrates this ‘double anniversary’ by organising this special exhibit. Picasso’s family, muses and models This marks the second Picasso exhibit at the Stadtmuseum in Lindau, after a successful and critically acclaimed show in 2011 that presented around 50 hand drawings of the Spanish virtuoso. This time, however, the curator Prof. Doschka has opted to present

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a collection of works that is interesting with regards to its content. The exhibit, titled Picasso’s Passions, presents the major themes of the Spanish painter, graphic artist, sculptor and object artist. Picasso’s family, his muses and models, the circus and the bullfight, the art of the old masters and the sculpture all shaped his creative work. These notions and tensions are also central in the exhibition, which has gathered selected works from European

private collections, museums and art foundations. This juxtaposition of drawings and paintings, as well as sculptures and printed graphics, show Picasso's unequalled virtuosity in dealing with a variety of media, its exceptional versatility and his inventiveness. Acclaimed curator and Picasso expert The art of Pablo Picasso is considered the special passion of Prof. Doschka. His catalogue of the exhibition PABLO PICASSO. Metamorphoses of the Human Form (2000) was translated into several languages and is regarded as an international standard work on Picasso's paper drawings. In addition, Prof. Doschka has curated the Pablo Picasso exhibit in Palermo’s Norman Palace as well as curated presentations on Picasso in Paris, Barcelona and NewYork.This is the sixth exhibition he is bringing to Lindau. Lindau’s Mayor Gerhard Ecker is pleased with the renewed commitment of the curator in Lindau: "We feel very honored that Prof. Doschka has gifted us on his 75th