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Licence to parent Parenting can be a challenging business. In order to tackle the tricky bits, why not get a parent or baby driver’s licence at Vienna-based parents workshop Elternwerkstatt? TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: ELTERNWERKSTATT

“Our baby license is not about how to change your baby’s diaper but aspects such as effective time management and bonding,” explains Veronika Lippert, chairwoman, training organiser and press representative. “We also offer special father courses like our children-fatherweekends, which have become increasingly popular.” The parents workshop trainers learn their trade within the association’s very own academy. What’s more, all courses are certified through the Austria-wide Ö-Cert – a fact that the parents workshop is particularly proud of as only a few selected associations receive this seal of quality.

Love to wear Buzzidil baby carriers can easily be adjusted to suit both the carrier and the baby in its various growing stages. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: BUZZIDIL

Babywearing is not just a trend, It is an attitude towards parenting. Comfort for babies - freedom for parents.“Before founding Buzzidil in 2010, I was searching for the ideal baby carrier for my son Raffael, but just couldn’t find it,” remembers Bettina Stomper-Rosam.“I needed an ergonomic, quickly fastening baby carrier that was comfortable to wear and would support baby’s development in the best way possible.” Thus, the Austrian mum promptly came up with her very own baby carrier for Raffael, nicknamed 'Buzzidil'. Today, the Buzzidil products are available from the online store and countless retail partners throughout Europe, Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. What

Moreover, the Austrian quality work is soon to be expanded to other territories.“In about a year’s time, we are aiming at offering courses in English, Hungarian, SerboCroatian and hopefully Turkish, which will be delivered by travelling mother tongue trainers,”reveals Lippert.“We are also translating our website into English and expanding in Switzerland and Germany. It’s great that our tools are for everyone, no matter which nationality, religion or background.” So does Lippert have the ultimate parenting tip?“I have three children aged 15, 12 and nine and I do lose my nerves sometimes,” she admits.“My tip: Don’t try to be perfect, but authentic! Listen to what your instincts tell you, be a good role model and try to remember what it was like to be a child. As adults, we often forget.”

makes the team behind Buzzidil most proud, however, is that their carriers help parents to make their lives easier and babies to enjoy the closeness to their parents. As sustainability is one of the company’s core values, parents will be glad to know

that all Buzzidil products are made from organic materials within Europe. With her fourth son Jannik, by now nine months old, the Vienna-based businesswoman is continuing to gather inspiration. “From the beginning, it was my goal to develop the ideal baby carrier for me and my child,”explains Stomper-Rosam.“Through Jannik, I now get the chance to test all the developments that we made over previous years and I can honestly say that I am really happy with the result.”

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