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Kid’s Corner

Zipping it in style Breastfeeding fashion label Zippidoo After her son was born by caesarian, yoga instructor Marisa Zanon felt uncomfortable wearing trousers. “As it was impossible to breastfeed while wearing a dress, I decided to alter mine and add a zipper across the chest.” This inspired Zippidoo, a fashion label offering stylish, practical dresses for breastfeeding mums. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: ZIPPIDOO

A young Austrian label and family business, Zippidoo was founded in 2013 by Marisa and her sisters Nici PederzolliRottmann and Patrizia Pederzolli.“We have four kids altogether and have often found that breastfeeding in public can be awkward and inconvenient,” says PederzolliRottmann. “Zippidoo solves this problem and adds a bit of style to our everyday lives.” Their trademark dresses with the zipper running across the chest are made from fine cotton and are produced to the highest standards in Portugal. Function meets fashion “Zippidoo offers breastfeeding mums a product that is distinctly practical and comfortable to wear. The variety of dress types cater to all women,”says PederzolliRottmann. The main feature of the dresses is the Vislon zipper that can be

88 | Issue 29 | August 2015

opened easily from two sides, enabling women to breastfeed discreetly no matter where or when. It can even be opened with just one hand while cradling baby with the other arm. The subtle design means flashing some flesh while breastfeeding is a thing of the past. The zipper is available in bright and plain colours. In addition, the dresses have appliquéd pockets on the sides, which add a touch of style and can be used to hygienically store nursing pads. The casual silhouettes mean the dresses can either be worn in a baggy or figurehugging style, and can be combined with leggings, tights or a pair of jeans to match both formal and informal occasions. Due to the high quality, Zippidoo dresses can withstand frequent washing without changing colour or shape.

“As we all love sports, we have tested the dresses doing baby yoga, hiking, cycling, sledging and other sports and have only had positive experiences,” former snowboard pro rider Pederzolli-Rottmann explains. “But we also offer elegant models such as 'Gloria' and 'Betty' that are suitable for special occasions.” Hand-felted and knitted kid's accessories complete the product range, and the coming autumn season will see additional dresses made from organic cotton and long sleeves, leaving stylish mums with a great choice of practical, trendy breastfeeding fashion.

Portrait: Nici und Marisa © Fred Einkemmer