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An authentic taste of Bavaria at home For the innovative family business, Burgis is all about the potato. The Bavarian food manufacturer produces quality potato products for chefs as well as providing an easy yet delicious meal at home. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTOS: BURGIS

From German dumplings, fried and roast potatoes to the famous thick Schupfnudeln (rolled noodle), Burgis has it all. Besides the traditional German dishes, they also produce tasty baked potatoes with either American or Brazilian flavours. The key for every product lies in the quality of the potato itself. It is the heart of the entire production and as such is processed gently. Even before processing, Burgis keeps a close eye on the harvesting and storage.This genuine dedication can be tasted. “We are not aiming to be the biggest manufacturer, we want to remain true to our ambition to produce the best potato products from outstanding potatoes. Our

goal is to be at the top when it comes to quality,”owner Timo Burger explains. Ensuring that all products meet the required standards to be certified with the prestigious Proven Quality of Bavaria seal, Burgis is supplied by two regional producer's associations with 74 farmer members. Burger adds: “Five years ago we established ourselves using 100 per cent regional produce with a focus on the catering industry. That strategy has paid off and we are now highly regarded food manufacturers. We intend on continuing to meet the standards to retain our position as leading innovators for potato products.” Top: Burgis Oktoberfest Dumplings

Finest organic oils Berlin’s Ölwerk combines innovation with tradition: based on the long-standing traditions and techniques of Germany’s peripheral linseed oil mills, the Ölwerk combines this with the diversity and the innovative demand of a health-conscious gourmet cuisine. Tradition, freshness and high quality are the maxim of their work. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: PETRA HEINRICH I ANNA DABROWSKI

From apricot kernel oil or wild garlic oil to rosemary oil and apple vinegar – the Ölwerk is sure to solely use ingredients from organic farming. After pressing in one of Ölwerk’s three oil mills, the oil doesn’t get further treatment. A resting period follows in which suspended solids can settle before the oil gets filled in bottles, labelled and then freshly arrives at markets or customers.“We only press as much as we instantly sell. Our oils are fresh and your palate will thank you,” Henning Borchers, the founder of Ölwerk, smiles. As all oils are fully untreated and natural, they comprise a wealth of different vari-

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ants of vitamin E, acids or polyphenols so that a diet’s valuable components get preserved. The Ölwerk’s highest priority is to

Above: The Burger family

produce high-quality, unmixed oils with generic scents, unique and unadulterated taste and natural colour. The healthy, clean and matured kernels and seeds from organic farming, as well as the experience and the finesse of the pressing chief form an unforgettable taste experience. The owner-managed company offers quality without compromise:“Edible oil isn’t only a product for us which we produce and sell – it is our passion,”Borchers concludes.

Below: Founder Henning Borchers at an oil mill. Photo: Petra Heinrich.(left) The Ölwerk’s oils. Photo: Anna Dabrowski (right)