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Main image: New ‘Blütezeit’ collection Below: Theme: ‘Alpenblick’ Theme: Wedding rings

EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876’s three current collections impress with diversity and varying themes. Graceful today, eccentric tomorrow? Collection ‘Charlotte’ makes it possible. With its unique plug system, one can easily become a designer. One can already participate in designing their favourite piece before the jewellery can be individualised and combined from a wide range of fine, singular modules for each special moment, mood or occasion.The collection‘Nature & Design’ comprises beautifully abstract motifs. The unique interpretation of nature has created beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in form of leaves or gingko.“They invite the beholder for strolls, exude a natural confidence and reflect the high expectations of our craftsmanship,”Dr. Weiss adds. The third collection ‘Love’ creates alluring engagement and wedding rings which can also be highly individualised.

Soul enchanting jewellery since 1876 EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876, a family-operated manufacturer of jewellery situated in Ulm, has created exceptionally creative creations of the highest quality since 1876. Three beautiful collections translate nature’s originality into modern design language with fundamental shapes and colours, textures and temperaments.

Dr. Weiss concludes:“Only when a woman wears our jewellery, she brings it to life and bestows it its soul.”EHINGER SCHWARZ 1867’s designs are globally available at selected jewelers, as well as in their own stores and galleries. From attractively priced items suitable for a spontaneous purchase to high-end wedding rings – EHINGER SCHWARZ 1867 is sure to offer only the best quality.


Four small circles in the shape of an abstracted flower, which symbolises EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876’s love for nature, clarity and quality, are the company’s symbol.“With its unmatched aesthetics, its endless versatility and perfection, nature is our biggest source of inspiration,” Dr. Christoph Weiss, manager of EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876, explains.Thus, nature immediately comes to mind when admiring the manufactured pieces. Rings that look like corals or remind one of a solar eclipse are just a few examples.

Chief designer Timo Küchler manages to create versatile desirable jewellery, which becomes a statement of the wearer’s individuality and independence.“We constantly follow the zeitgeist with our independent design language. Thus, our collections are innovative, filigree and light,” Dr. Weiss notes. Entirely designed and created in EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876’s atelier in Ulm, solely high-quality materials, such as diamonds or gold, are used. Only the manufacturing process is outsourced to a handful of selected producers.

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