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Scandinavian high-quality knives for aspiring chefs A light wooden handle, a blackened blade, an edge that gleams like silver, sharp for precise cuts. Nordklinge knives unite tradition and modernity. They are made “the old way” using only two materials: a piece of wood for the handle and a steel blade ideal for chopping vegetables or cutting meat.

that ambitious hobby chefs might enjoy and approve of. It is the perfect kitchen tool.


shop Kubesch, who grinds the blade and sometimes sandblasts it to give the blade a matt, silvery-grey textured surface. The Vankka Suuri knife for example is the proper tool for chopping, cleaning and cutting vegetables and herbs. It allows rather fine cuts and therefore filigree ornaments carved out of vegetables. On the other hand it has a wide blade that can be used to lift the cut vegetables directly from the chopping board into the pan. The Vankka Pieni has a slightly smaller blade and is an ideal utility knife. With prices between € 163 and € 217 the knives are not on the cheap side, but they have a great and long-lasting quality

Margarete Steiff GmbH | Richard-Steiff-Straße 4 | 89537 Giengen/Brenz

The techniques Nordklinge uses today had already been popular during Roman times, but in Middle Europe it started its triumph only later, in the 18th century. Nordklinge relates to a craft that had been highly developed, especially in Germany, but was later lost. Nordklinge combines these traditions with new forms and with one model the blade’s shape orientates on Asian examples. The knives come in two shapes, each in three different variations.“They are made in Finland by an award-winning cutler but parts are reworked in Germany,”says owner and founder Henrik Terschüren. He works together with a German cutler, the grinding

Top: Vankka Pieni Knife Above: Vankka Suuri original

Giant sized and cuddly

“For children only the best is good enough”