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The sleep optimisers Munich-based company Third of Life is a true pioneer in optimising sleep for better performance during the day. Having developed innovative, functional sleepwear, bedding, pillows as well as nutritional supplements, Third of Life’s product range now helps many professional athletes, sports teams and private persons to improve their sleep quality and regeneration.

Main image: The new SUBRA collection for women Right: Third of Life Performance Pillow and their Sleep Optimiser BASIC Third of Life’s AVIOR collection The Beauty SleepLeggings ALHENA with anti-cellulite effect


“The equation is relatively simple: better sleep – better regeneration – better performance during the day,” Hanno Deyle, one of the two founders of Third of Life, notes. And he’s right: many scientific studies prove that not sleeping well worsens our memory capacity and our decisionmaking capabilities by around 20 to 50 per cent. The economy even loses around 11 working days of productivity through bad sleep and its consequences. Third of Life founders Hanno Deyle and Frieder Kuhn felt the effects of poor sleep

16 | Issue 29 | August 2015

on their own bodies on a four-week cycling tour from Malaga to Munich. 2,900 kilometres made them feel how lack of regeneration through bad sleep reduces performance. “Even though I had highly functional cycling clothes for the day, I slept in a t-shirt and boxer shorts in simple Spanish or French hotels. Because of this, I either woke up sweaty or the air con made me shiver, tensed my muscles or gave me a cold. I wasn’t able to sufficiently regenerate in my sleep and wasn’t steeled for the strains of the next day,” Deyle explains.

This experience showed the duo how important good sleep is for performance and the ability to cope with stress during the day. From this point on, the two friends have put their entire focus on developing products which improve sleeping quality and thus, nocturnal regeneration. “Before Third of Life, there wasn’t a single area of my life which I knew this little about and which I neglected so unconsciously even though it takes up a third of my life. I optimised every minute of my working- and private life but neglected my sleep.The potential and vehemence of sleep optimisa-