Discover Germany, Issue 29, August 2015

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Discover Germany | Design | Stefi Talman

from hushed to bright shades. Chocolate and hazelnut brown, olive and dark green as well as petrol let the wearer blend into autumn smoothly. Bright red and ecru are looking to contrast with black and create strong characteristics. Moreover, as the Zurich local loves playing with patterns and textures, her new collection will feature such unusual designs as coated woollen fabrics that mirror the tweed look or ribbed stretch material representing the Manchester look. Snake prints in black-ecru as well as checked tartan patterns complete the wild material and design mix of the ZIP collection. These combinations allow the wearer the freedom to take out their handcrafted buskins to casual as well as chic occasions. As such, Stefi Talman’s designs are the perfect choice for every function. What’s more, the label’s metallic styles are bang on trend for the coming season: the pumps shining in red and anthracite will instantly add a hint of glamour to every outfit. Stefi Talman’s collection is made complete by a selection of handbags. Armed with a combination of her handbags and shoes, booties or buskins, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Sustainable, yet elegant Stefi Talman shows that sustainability, elegance and exclusivity can smoothly blend

into one. To ensure that her goals concerning a fair and sustainable fashion production are met at all times,Talman has teamed up with a traditional manufacturer in Northern Italy. Her long-standing partner handcrafts the shoes in small series and therefore guarantees a sustainable production chain. Receiving quality work without having to compromise too much on the price is certainly something that sets the Swiss designer apart from others. Her ZIP and PIZ styles, for example, are part of the special ZIP collection – a more affordable sub-line of the main Stefi Talman collection. “What makes me particularly proud is that even though the price pressure is increas-

ing, our standards of high quality work are continuing to remain the same,”she smiles. In order to get the full picture on what is on offer in terms of her newest shoes, handbags and accessories collections, it is a special delight to visit Stefi Talman’s exclusive boutique shop on Oberdorfstrasse 13 in Zurich. “Due to globalisation, the high streets of all the cities worldwide look increasingly like each other,” criticises Talman, a current trend in her industry.“Thus, I would like to invite you to come to lovely Zurich and get inspired by the unique quality and style of my shop.”

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