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Celeroton: Developing ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems What Celeroton AG does is already implied in its name: Celeroton comes from the two Latin words celer, which means fast, and rotare: rotating. The company designs and builds ultra-high-speed drive system products including turbo compressors, permanent-magnet motors with high energy-efficiency, small volume and the lowest possible weight as well as speed control electronics for electric motors. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: CELEROTON

Celeroton AG has its headquarters in Volketswil near Zurich. Founded in 2008 as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich’s (ETHZ) department for power electronics, today Celeroton has become a leading manufacturer of ultrahigh-speed electrical drive systems reaching speeds up to one million revolutions per minute (rpm). With more than 20 employees the founders, Dr. Christof Zwyssig and Dr. Martin Bartholet, have turned their business into a success in only a few years, selling their products worldwide. “The innovation is based on our interdisciplinary know how in areas of me-

chanics, electromagnetics, electronics, control systems and software, allowing us to create outstanding solutions in terms of size, efficiency and control performance,” says Martin Bartholet, responsible for sales and marketing. In the end Celeroton offers overall solutions consisting of motors, matching electronic and complete turbo processors resulting in maximised efficiency – no matter the area of application.“They can be used for example in medical or dental tools, air conditioners and heat pumps, for rotating mirrors and prisms in optical systems, lasers and scanners, flywheels and many more.”

Revolutionary caries treatment Healing caries at an early stage without having to go through a painful procedure? Switzerland’s credentis AG have found an innovative technology to naturally regenerate dental enamel so that ‘drilling and filling’ is a thing of the past. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: CREDENTIS AG

“We seek to develop and introduce true novelties in the form of regenerative products to prevent and treat oral diseases,”Dr. Stefan Buchloh, Product Manager at credentis AG, explains. credentis’ biomedical solutions are based on a ground-breaking discovery by the University of Leeds. Dr. Dominik A. Lysek, credentis founder, recognised the potential of their idea and has developed the intelligent CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY. “Inspired by nature, it promotes the natural regeneration mechanism of dental enamel and enables new prospects for non-invasive dentistry,” Dr. Buchloh explains. He adds: “We have created the missing link between prevention and invasive procedures. A treatment of

this sort hasn’t existed before.” The pain-free and uncomplicated caries therapy sustains natural structures and leads to a guided enamel regeneration simply by applying CURODONTTM REPAIR, the winner of the Swiss Technology Award. It enables dentists and dental professionals to cure caries as it contains‘intelligent’pep-

Top: Converter Above: Motor

Celeroton currently has sales representatives in Germany, the US, Japan, Korea and Israel.

tide molecules which stimulate self-healing.“Dental professionals now have a therapy at hand which doesn’t damage tooth structure, but preserves it for a longer lifetime of the tooth,”Dr. Buchloh notes. Complementary products developed by the company for general use and also based on the CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY biologically protect the teeth from acids (CURODONTTM PROTECT) and treats sensitive teeth by placing a protective barrier on them (CURODONTTM D’SENZ). Below: Mechanism of CURODONTTM REPAIR

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