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Traditional herbal remedies for today’s needs From popular Swedish bitters, tinctures, teas and oils to modern day health and personal care products such as shampoos, lotions and anti-aging creams, Maria Treben Naturprodukte offers a wide range of herbal remedies based on the recipes and ingredients that its namesake developed almost a century ago. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: MARIA TREBEN NATURPRODUKTE

Lead by the idea of giving the traditional Swedish bitters, so popular with women for many generations, a new lease of life, sales professional Rosi Nothegger founded the company in 2007 and handed the business over to her daughter Kathrin one and a half years ago.“We live the philosophy of Maria Treben and are focused on restoring her wisdom through her herbal remedies,” says Rosi Nothegger. Austrian Maria Treben, a herbalist whose book Health from God’s Garden was published in 20 different languages, started studying herbal medicine after surviving a life-threatening illness in 1947. She is best known for her Swedish bitters, which are said to grant

a long life and everlasting health to those who consume them regularly. The current recipe the company has been using for 30 years was updated by Treben in 1982 to comply with modern legal requirements and includes a range of high quality herbs. Non-alcoholic Swedish

bitters were added to the range in 2008 to adjust to a market where alcohol-free options become more and more popular.“I am convinced Maria Treben would approve of this, having been a progressive thinker herself,” says Nothegger. And so Maria Treben Naturprodukte regularly develops new products and continues to apply traditional herbal knowledge to today’s needs.

Portrait: Kathrin and Rosi Nothegger



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