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Gmundner Milch is one of the biggest employers in the region and the company is well aware of its social responsibility. "We are looking after the people working for us and those connected to our company and subsequently we take responsibility for the whole region," explains Waidacher. "Our dairy farmers maintain the cultural landscape and therefore are of high significance for the region’s tourism industry." The company employs three advisors who work directly with the dairy farmers to help with administration and to ensure that the delivered produce is always of unflawed quality. The strong regional ties are also visible in the product design used for Gmundner Milch`s dairy produce. The various types of cheese all show the distinct green rings that are associated with the famous ceramics produced in Gmunden. One of the Gmundner Milch`s most accomplished products is the award-winning Gmundner Berg Premium cheese. With its distinguished strong aromatic taste, which is the result of a six month maturing time, it has won the cheese World Championship 2010 in Wisconsin, USA. Further international awards have been won by different types of cheese, adding to the company’s international recognition. Gmundner Milch sees their products as international culinary ambassadors for Austria and they do their best to ensure that in all their products there is part of the Salzkammergut region. Their

ambitions have proven a success, as the company exports nearly half of its produce in more than 15 countries in Europe and even as far as Libya, Iraq and China. The international success lies in the company`s flexibility and the ability to react quickly to a customer's needs. Consistency, reliability and stability are further qualities the company guarantees its customers. Several certificates such as the 'genetic-manipulation-free' or the Austrian AMA-certificate, which distinguishes food productions exceeding quality standards, give customers the highest assurance and proof of the product’s qualities. The company uses the newest technology and most advanced techniques during its manufacturing processes. For 2015, new cheese specialities will be added to the product assortment such as cheese with walnuts as well as different types of mushrooms like truffles or porcini. Another new creation, which will make for a perfect addition to an autumn cheeseboard, is one with chilli pepper and bell pepper. Regional traditions, the newest technology, social responsibility, high quality production and great flavour of products, as well as international accomplishment, ensure the future success story of Gmundner Milch in Austria and world-wide.

butter and various cheeses. It also produces lactose-free milk products, offering an alternative choice to its customers. The Salzkammergut region is famous around the world for its unique landscape and stands for tradition, quality and a strong bond with its stunning nature. "We are proud to be able to live and work here," states Michael Waidacher, Managing Director of the dairy company. Their strong ties to the region do not only relate to the cultural landscape’s perfect conditions for dairy farming, but include the people living and working in the region as well as the tourists coming to visit.

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