Discover Germany, Issue 29, August 2015

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Page 111

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Great, Green & Organic

Undies for heroes Saying it with a wink, the underwear of German label kleiderhelden is both comfortable and ‘heroic’ to wear. Here, the label’s founders Janos Kalmann and Gerrit Pfurr explain why. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: KLEIDERHELDEN

“At first glance, we don’t actually differ so much from other fashion labels. Our underwear is both stylish and comfortable just as you would expect it to be,”says Kalmann. “What makes us different is our commitment to sustainability. All our products are made out of Indian cotton from fair and controlled organic cultivation. Our established German production company also meets the highest ecological and social standards.”As a result, the complete kleiderhelden product range is certified by both the ‘Fairtrade label’ and the renowned ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS). Moreover, kleiderhelden actively supports a Children’s Fund.

The favourite item of the two sports management graduates, who launched kleiderhelden out of the necessity to find good Fairtrade underwear, is the so-called ‘BeatBux’. Wearing it daily themselves, they gush: “It’s incredibly comfortable and soft men’s underpants with a wide waistband.” In terms of popularity, the women’s underwear line launched in autumn last year is catching up fast, too.“This includes our women’s slip ‘SlipTease’ or our undershirt ‘LadyCover’, which according to one customer feels like a cordial hug.” “Our journey was and is a lot of fun,” smile the two friends.“We believe that we are on a good way to further encourage

Fishing for compliments Jewellery by Ramona Stelzer is more than an accessory. The beautiful pieces are a statement of individuality, of thinking differently and of sustainability. Uniqueness that you can wear made of stunning fish leather. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTOS: RAMONA STELZER

Designer and goldsmith Ramona Stelzer wanted to start a label that used special materials to design a completely new product. In fish leather she has found one of the most unique materials to create jewellery from. Stelzer remembers: “The material was literally swimming towards me one day in my hometown by the Baltic Sea. I suddenly had the idea to not only eat fish but also to use the tanned fish skin, the fish leather, to create real quality jewellery.” The rings, necklaces and earrings feature a variety of different fish leather types from salmon to carp and tilapia, each stunningly beautiful, making it hard to choose from.

“Every fish skin has its own unique structure and different spectrum of colour. It is a playground of possibilities for a designer like me but the best feature of the material is its sustainability. Fish skin has no

the ‘revolution in the underwear drawer’. Our goal is making people happy and protecting our planet at the same time.”

use in the food industry and through tanning it, it becomes lasting, soft and elastic whilst keeping the characteristic scaled structure,” explains Stelzer. No wonder it was love at first sight. There is still prejudice against the material but Stelzer is on a successful mission to change people’s perspective. Her jewellery can be bought at her online shop, her atelier in Wismar and in selected Northern German galleries.

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