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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Top 3 Austrian Architects

reduced, while one can easily cool off the flat in summer. The inside is kept white and impresses with most modern furnishings, as well as spacious, open rooms. Another great example of hmA’s work can be gazed at in Vienna’s Neubaugasse. The flagship store of sustainable bag manufacturer Freitag has been given a very individual nuance by the architects. In cooperation with Zurich-based spillmann echsle architects, the team managed to reflect the company’s philosophy and their unelegant, yet stylish product in the architecture and the interior design. Simple, raw materials and recycled elements were used and thus, the architectural office managed to effectively revitalise the existing shop premises with the help of most simple means. hmA freed the existing space of unnecessary dividing walls, cleaned and washed floors, ceilings and walls and thus, made the original building materials and the traces of time visible again. A big opening in between the front and back of the shop creates generous space – all this with a mere construction period of six weeks.

lio of impressive work. Projects like the new penthouse apartment in Vienna’s Westbahnstrasse on top of an old building are sure to impress. Situated in a light attic, hmA managed to create three beautiful private apartments with impressive views across the city through the use of big window fronts. While the overall look is simple, elegant and timeless, it is also modern. The outside is characterised by an intelligent shading system which can be easily adjusted to the inhabitant’s needs and wishes. While looking exceptional, this architectural miracle also helps to balance the temperature and light incidence of the property. In winter, the energy consumption can be

A new construction in the Grillparzerstrasse in Purkersdorf near Vienna impresses with luxury throughout and a beautiful contemporary design on the inside, as well as the outside. The spacious luxury villa boasts simple, yet elegant structures and a colour concept that is entirely dominated by white nuances. The initial challenge for hmA was the land configuration. A very steep slope was embedded in unattractive neighbourhood developments in close proximity.The architectural team then vertically designed the substantial space program so that it would follow the initial hillside course with different levels.The upper level is the heart of the building with a

generous living area and impressive views across the landscape. hmA created the greatest possible transparency, as well as privacy at the same time. Many open areas, such as terraces, a wellness court or an outdoor pool were added. The house appears hermetic from the outside, but from the inside views in all directions are possible. Neither the hermetic ambience, nor the close proximity to neighbours can be felt through spectacular spatial impressions. No wonder hmA has been awarded with the European Best Architects Award in 2015 for this building.

Main image & left: Penthouse in Vienna’s Westbahnstrasse. Photos: Philipp Kreidl Above: Freitag flagship store in Vienna’s Neubaugasse. Photos: Andreas Buchberger Below: Luxury villa in Grillparzerstrasse in Purkersdorf near Vienna. Photos: Philipp Kreidl

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