Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Page 89

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Outstanding Business Consultants

When normal consultants leave, it is time for Better Solutions Better Solutions focuses on integral coaching and consulting to enable clients to help themselves. Relying on people’s ability to learn, transferring competences leads to a positive change: in a person and – in the long run – a company. Therefore the achieved new experiences and competences do not leave when a consultant does. Problems are solved and not concealed.

The project in the end will find its conclusion and at the same time clients are able to reorganize structures and workflows, learn to identify risks and find solutions on their own without requiring further consultation. Below: Manager Jörg Köck The buffalo – a symbol of sovereignty and steady progress.



When companies seek the advice of consultancies, these usually achieve what they were called for, but when the consultant leaves after a project is finished, the underlying problems often still exist. Impeccable negotiation skills have become more and more important in a complex business-environment. What is needed is a reliable partner, explains Better Solutions manager Jörg Köck using the image of a buffalo: steadily moving forward, confident and sovereign but normally not aggressive. Better Solutions focuses on negotiations,

which lay the foundation for binding and good decisions. Working on current and client-relevant problems results in more in-depth learning: By discussing their own issues and daily work, clients learn to overcome underlying issues and problems. Coaching/consulting with Better Solutions goes beyond systematic and rational work and digs deeper into the roots of structural shortages in business. Emotional analysis identifies the critical issues that are most important for a change and deals with them adequately.

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