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Page 81

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Outstanding Business Consultants

Special Theme

Outstanding Business Consultants

Business consultants Unleashing corporate potential Hiring a business consultant can be a game-changing move for every business owner, as often an unbiased external view of matters results in surprisingly obvious ways to improve daily procedures as well as annual bottom line results. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGE

Seeing the wood for the trees may just be a plain proverb, but in many cases this is exactly why an independent third party is better suited to identify and tackle issues, which go unnoticed in the routine and stress of a company’s daily procedures. Business consultants are often the last ones to be taken on board, because as long as the business figures look prosperous, one would barely think of hiring help. But when profit numbers are starting to go south and corporate performance is far from hitting the target, the search for a business consultant usually begins.

taken on board swiftly. The search for the right consultant can be a rocky road. As management consultancy columnist Mick James from the puts it: “Everyone acknowledges that the consultancy market is imperfect: consultants don’t know who needs their services, and clients are only dimly aware of which consultants are best suited to their needs. It’s like a Jane Austen novel with no balls or parties. People waste a lot of time knocking on the wrong doors or vetting the wrong suitors – cost of sales is a non-value-adding item that drags the whole industry down.”

Better not wait until it is too late. If a business runs smoothly it is always recommendable to get a consultant in to unleash further potential or simply identify and eliminate future risks. If things turn sour, a suitable consultant has to be identified and

On the following pages we present a few of the finest specialist consultants and their fields of expertise. Ready to change tack, these industry experts are likely to be a safe bet on the road to success, thus knocking on the right door becomes an easy task.

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