Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Page 74

The creative view on law Situated in Munich, the lawyers Constantin Mascher and Katrin Simonis put special emphasis on legal cases in the area of art law, contract design and insolvency law. The law firm stands for highly individual solutions for clients and the constant realisation of the legitimate interests of their principals in the best way possible. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: GINGER ROSELLI / ALEXANDRA WEHNER

“What makes us stand out most is that we actually try to conform to the precept of the incorrupt and objective consultant even though this is often considered outdated today. We don’t define ourselves through hourly rates and chargeable hours. We aren’t service providers, but rather define ourselves through the services which we provide and the mutual trust between the lawyer and the client,”Constantin Mascher, lawyer, says. Mascher and Simonis take a fresh approach on legal solutions: Taking their freedom not

74 | Issue 24 | March 2015

to think about conforming to the superficial and conventional stereotype which is expected of a lawyer, they allow themselves to decline dealing with mandates which don’t correspond with their attitude towards life. “We love our job and through this approach we keep this passion alive. Being a lawyer could also be boring – but this just doesn’t interest us,”Constantin Mascher explains. “Unconventional – but successful” Their operating principles are characterised by a clear, deductive method used in finding solutions for the given tasks. “We are

prepared to challenge everything, we only accept arguments and not authorities. Our approaches are often seen as unconventional – but successful. We work strategically and forward-looking. Law is like chess because mastering the rules of the game is only part of it. Strategy, tactics, psychology and the surprise of the opponent in a moment in which he feels superior create the actual allure and excitement,” Constantin Mascher adds. Besides the ongoing consultation and representation of medium-sized companies, the law firm specialises in consultation over art and cultural projects, as well as advising collectors, gallery owners and artists. The company focuses on copyright law, funding of the arts, culture management, substantive law, adjectival law in the arts, art warranty rights, art liability law and commercial law..