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Page 61

Discover Germany | Special Theme | CeBIT 2015

“InLine connects” The company motto of INTOS ELECTRONIC, the specialist manufacturer and distributor for IT products and accessories, stems from the company’s launch in 1991. Cables and connectors have been at the core of the Gießen-based company since the beginning. Today, the 80-strong company presents an extensive and diverse range of cables, adaptors, etc. TEXT & PHOTOS: INTOS | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

The INTOS ELECTRONIC portfolio contains numerous gadgets, IT accessories and products that enrich our media experiences and our on-the-go lifestyle. In 2003, the founder of Intos, Wolfgang Isenberg, introduced a new in-house brand called InLine. “I’m particularly satisfied with the success of our own brand InLine,” says Isenberg enthusiastically. With 6,000 products available in total, great headway has been made with InLine now producing 4,000 of these products. INTOS ELECTRONIC is presenting their latest product highlights for the on-the-go society at CeBIT. And the most important product for smart users is certainly a fullyfunctioning smart phone! Breaking out in a cold sweat when our smart phones threaten to run out of battery in a plug-free

area, the external power source InLine USB PowerBank 16,000 mAh can give it a charge once again. Bluetooth speaker WOOME 3D takes charge of the acoustics, with its heavy bass and room-filling surround sound emerging from this stylish and gleaming brushed-aluminium speaker. INTOS’s latest collection Woodline consists of seven gadgets with either form or detailing made from genuine wood. The mobile Bluetooth or induction speakers, pens and stylish headphones have been created with walnut wood to give them an enduring appeal. The uncoated cardboard packaging emphasises the environmentally friendly nature of this line. The brand new specification that renders USB users free of constraints is the USB OTG – USB OnThe-Go, which upgrades smartphones and

Main image: INTOS offices Above from top down: InLine woodline InLine WOOME Shop connection Powerbanks

tablets to the role of hosts and connects them seamlessly to USB flash drives. InLine has many USB OTG accessories and aids available. For business travellers, the compact InLine OTC Card Reader Dual Flex is of particular value. With this, the user can easily move music, photos and videos from the USB stick to the tablet or smart phone, allowing them to enjoy their favourite tracks as they travel or catch up on documents. If you’d like to find out more, come along to stand F17 in Hall 15 at the CeBit trade fair.

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